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Following completion of the Trust's Rescue Package
Following completion of the Trust's Rescue Package

Various Trust News updates in the aftermath of Revolution Day


In the aftermath of the Trusts rescue package being completed and the fantastic first match under Trust control, a big Thank You to all those Trust members and fellow City fans who continue to provide positive support.

For some of the Trust representatives, it has been a calmer and less busy last ten days on York City business compared to the past several weeks and months. However, for the new Club Board, there has been little time to escape York City business, as now there is a football club to run! You will have seen some of the products of their first few days through the pages of the Evening Press and via the Web-based Q&A session last Friday.


Clearly, the whole York City story of the past 15 months has been full of twists and turns along the way. The dire situation faced by our Club, and the complexity of the issues involved, are not the fault of the supporters and the Trust. The Trust has always tried to provide as much information as possible on a timely basis. Many supporters have welcomed this work, whilst some have commented that they would like more communication.

A brief summary of the Trusts communications to members over the past 15 months:

- Around 100 press releases and newsletters since formation;
- Using the media (press; radio and television) to help communicate the York City message;
- Regular news to over 1,000 City fans via Arthur and a similar number via the Trusts own list of registrants for the newsletter;
- Interactive media (radio phone-ins; Web based Q&As);
- Responding to many individual letters and emails;
- Hard copy newsletter and mail-outs to Trust members;
- The public meetings in 2002 (January, February and June) and planned for 2003; and
- Simply talking to fellow City fans on match-days and in-between.

And all of this in the context of the huge amount of other work carried out in the Trusts name by the volunteers. At times it proves very difficult to get information out as fully and quickly as some would like, simply because of the time it takes to prepare press releases and newsletters, balanced against the other commitments (of Trust business, work and life) people may have.

Thanks for your understanding and continuing support.


A Race Night is to be held on Saturday 12 April at Huntington Working Mens Club, North Moor, Huntington. The first race is at 7:30pm. Admission will be by ticket only, priced 3.00 (available from the Club Shop or via Jim Dawes on 01759 371272).

The event is to help raise funds for the York City Supporters Trust and has been kindly organised by City fan Jim Dawes.


Following the purchase by York City Football Club Limited of the business and assets of York City Association Football and Athletic Club Limited (the Company) John Batchelor is no longer involved in the running of York City Football Club. He has agreed to make an ex gratia payment of 85,000 to the Company in Administration for the benefit of the creditors and to assist with enabling the future of a professional football club in York.


We have been asked to highlight, by inclusion in a newsletter, that in December 2002 Richard Willis resigned his position as a member of the Trust Board. Apologies for not having included this matter in earlier newsletters, this merely being an oversight in the light of the very many other matters that the Trust has been dealing with over recent months. Richard is thanked for his contribution to the work of the Trust.

In a separate move, Ian Hey was co-opted to the Trust Board. Ian is a life long City fan who has been involved in the Trusts work since the formation in January/February 2002. Ian has particularly contributed to the Trusts work in relation to the rescue package and dealing with Administration issues.


A number of City fans have asked for some clarification regarding the relationship between the Trust and the Club. Below, we provide a few notes to help explain the relationship.

First of all, the Trust is a legal entity in its own right, established as an Industrial & Provident Society back in January/February 2002. The members, of which there are approximately 1,500 current members, each hold a nominal 1 share in the Trust. The Trust has a constitution that governs the way in which it operates.

The Trust is run by the Trust Board on behalf of the members, working in accordance with the Trusts rules with the best interests of York City and the community in mind. The Trust Board comprises eleven City fans, who are all members of the Trust. Ten of the Trust Board members were elected at the time of the inaugural Annual General Meeting in June 2002. One of the Trust Board members has since been co-opted. Should they so wish, the individuals on the Trust Board are able to co-opt other members to join them on the Trust Board. At the elections in June 2002, twenty five people stood for election (we understand that this is more than at any other Trust election of the 50+ other supporters trusts) and 844 members (64%) submitted their ballot papers to Electoral Reform Services, who conducted the election on behalf of the Trust.

A number of Trust Board positions will be up for election ahead of the next AGM. Any Trust member will have the opportunity to stand for election and, if elected, to help carry forward the work of York City Supporters Trust. The next AGM has to be held within six months of the Trust financial year end (that is now 30 June 2003).

At the time of the first elections in June 2002, few people, if any, would have believed that just nine months later the Trust would have completed a rescue package to save York City and would be the owner of its own football club. Few people, if any, could have imagined the immense commitment and work required to save York City from extinction.

In March 2003 the Trust acquired an off-the-shelf company to be the legal vehicle through which it would complete the rescue package. York City Football Club Limited is a separate legal entity to the Trust. It is York City Football Club Limited that has acquired the business and assets of the old club that was in administration (i.e. York City Association Football & Athletic Club plc). The Trust owns shares in York City Football Club Limited.

Through a whole series of fund-raising initiatives, donations from a lot of people and from money raised via the York City Supporters Society Loan Notes 2003 Issue, the Trust raised a significant amount of funds. Some of the monies raised were used to keep the old club alive whilst the Trusts rescue package was progressed towards completion. Much of the money, including all Loan Notes monies, was invested by the Trust in the new company, York City Football Club Limited (the Company or the Club). In turn, the Company has used some of that money as consideration to acquire the business and assets from the Administrator and the balance of the money for immediate and ongoing working capital requirements (i.e. to help pay the bills of running a football club).

York City Football Club Limited is separate to the Trust in many respects. For example, it operates its own bank account, it will prepare its own accounts, it has employees and so on. Very soon, it is hoped and expected that the Company will also have transferred to it the membership of the Football League and The FA. It also has a Board of Directors who are appointed to oversee the day-to-day operations of the football club.

Whilst a separate entity, in many respects the Trust and the Club are one. The principles that have been applied in operating the Trust since its formation are shared with the Club. The Trust exists to benefit the Club and it will continue to work positively in this respect.

The initial appointments to the Board of Directors of York City Football Club Limited were three people from the Trust Board. The Trust Board decided that up to three of its representatives should be appointed to the (separate) Clubs Board of Directors. Three Trust Board members Steve Beck, Mike Brown and Sophie McGill - were prepared to be nominated to the Clubs Board of Directors and they were supported unanimously by the remainder of the Trust Board.

Thereafter, the new Board of Directors needed to be joined by other people who would help to contribute to making a success of the new football club. The new Club Board needed to be in place as a matter of urgency in order to run the Club from day one.

The Trust Board set out that, at this stage, the Clubs Board of Directors could have up to six people in total. Ian McAndrew, Jason McGill and Terry Doyle have been appointed as directors of York City Football Club Limited. Their selection and appointment was considered and approved (unanimously) by the Trust Board. Any future appointments to the Club Board will require similar approval by the Trust Board.

The appointments of each of Ian, Jason and Terry were made on the very firm basis of what business skills they offered. In particular, over the past several weeks, Jason McGill has been heavily involved and made a vital contribution towards resolving a variety of issues working towards the completion of the rescue package. Jason has also been heavily involved in helping the new Club Board to hit the ground running in the first few days of running a football club. Ian assisted in relation to the presentation of a ground solution to the Football League that was an absolutely necessary requirement to save York City from extinction. Going forward, Ian will work particularly in relation to resolving the ground issues. Terry provides financial skills that are needed to assist managing the Clubs challenging financial outlook.

Each of the Directors of the Club owes his/her ultimate responsibility to the Club as a director under company law.

Going forward, a corporate governance framework will be finalised and put in place. This will govern the relationship between the Trust and the Club. This will include formal reporting, on a regular basis, by the Directors of the Club to the Trust Board. It is also proposed that the Trust Board is to be formally consulted on certain aspects in relation to the operations of the Club. At the same time, the Board of Directors of the Club is expected to engage the assistance and support of many other City fans in a variety of ways. For example, within days of the rescue package being finalised, the new Board has already sought input from City fans in relation to design aspects for the new Monks Cross Stadium, marketing initiatives and designing a new Club Badge

This is a structure that provides both a pragmatic solution to operating and sustaining a football club on a day-to-day basis and accountability to the Trust Board and supporters.


As Trust Chairman, I would like to thank and congratulate all those Trust Board members and other City fans who have put in so much of their personal time and effort to achieve our objective of saving York City Football Club for the supporters and community of York.

The problems and obstacles that have been overcome to achieve this goal should not be underestimated. Unfortunately, and much to my own distress, I was on holiday when the deal finally went through and missed the celebrations at the Southend match. For the previous three months I, along with others, had been in meetings and contact with, amongst others, the Administrators, BCH, COYC, Persimmon, other prospective investors, the former Chairman and many others to try and find a solution for the future of York City. More than once during this time the Club was within hours of going into liquidation, but we kept our belief that the goal of saving the Club could be achieved. It was a roller-coaster ride.

The people who have been heavily involved working on behalf of the Trust have all been trying to do their own jobs and in some cases run their own businesses. I know that all have suffered personal financial loss.

It is probably not right to pick out individuals, but I feel that special mention should be made of Steve Beck, Mike Brown, Jason McGill, John Mingay, Mike Shannon, Paul Rawnsley and Peter Rookes who have all contributed towards the successful conclusion of the rescue package. I would also like to thank all other Trust members who have worked tirelessly on fundraising, the pledges and loan notes scheme, Trust membership and bucket collections. And, of course, a big Thank You to all supporters who have contributed in whatever way.

It is now a club owned by the supporters. Everyone who is not already a Trust member should join now as this is a Club run by the fans for the fans. Membership forms continue to be available via the Club Shop and via the Trusts website

It is now up to all of us to be positive about the future to help ensure that York City Football Club never finds itself in the same position again. York and proud of it. Division Two here we come!

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