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Keep the Faith!
Keep the Faith!

A Personal Journey Following York City Football Club

The York City Supporters' Trust is pleased to recommend Daniel Tait's book, "Keep the Faith: A Personal Journey Following York City Football Club". You can get your own copy now from YPD Books ( or Amazon (

"Supporting a football team is not easy! However following York City Football Club over the past twenty years has brought new meaning to the phrase 'Keep the Faith'. In this epic journey that borders on fiction at times, Dan Tait presents his take on the events, matches and ownership takeovers that have left all City fans experiencing every emotion there is to offer. Via Scarborough and Stoke, Mansfield and Manchester this is a humorous history of York City since the epic play-off final victory of 1992/93. With a witty yet passionate review of the tumultuous reign of Craig and Batchelor, the heartbreaking relegation to the Conference and the subsequent double Wembley glory that saw City regain their league status. Dan Tait says what every football fan is thinking in this detailed and dedicated account of York City's turbulent recent history. Keep the Faith will have you laughing, crying and screaming like you are back on the terraces. Are you ready to experience it all again?"

Here are a few further recommendations:

"Keep the Faith is a fabulous read for all readers not just the committed football fan. It is a history of York City from 1992 to the present day as they fall out of the football league and into the non league mire and back again. It is also a personal journey as Daniel Tait turns from the wide eyed schoolboy who organises a charity game between York City and his schoolteachers to the married man who is struggling to make away games at Grimsby. The book also offers a detailed supporters view into the world of non league football, the difficulties of promotion and the constant year on year churn of playing staff. For me the book combines all of these topics to encapsulate the frustrations and terrace humour of the football fan who does not follow teams with million pound transfer budgets. I look forward to the next Daniel Tait book."

"A really good all round the title suggests, I would recommend this book to any admirers of football. Whilst focusing specifically upon York City Football Club, this book addresses a variety of issues that affect a true football fan; player accountability, the emotion of relegation and promotion and most importantly the choice of food on an away trip! Within the confines of this book, Tait plunges the reader to the heart of YCFC and back whilst accounting for the last ten turbulent years at the club. As the fan of another football league team (with a similar recent history of administration, relegation heartbreak and promotion glory in the last ten years), I found this a comforting read and in parts mirroring my own experiences of standing in the terraces through thick and thin. A worthwhile read for all fans of football, especially lower league football - all put across in an interesting and humorous way."

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