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SGM voting & meeting arrangements
SGM voting & meeting arrangements

From Trust Secretary (Stan Collins)

Below is some further information about the arrangements for the upcoming Trust SGM and for members voting on the proposal. 

The letter to members detailing the SGM arrangements, the postal voting form, the proposal for the future funding, management & ownership of the Club, and a Q&A style background information was posted to all of the Trust's members last week.  A copy of the letter is also now available to download via the Trust's website at

Voting by post

You can vote by post - if any Trust member is unable to attend the SGM, then please vote on the proposal by completing the proxy voting form and returning it to The Trust Secretary, Bootham Crescent, York, YO30 7AQ by Saturday 3rd June.  The voting form must be signed personally by the Trust member.

If any overseas members would like to return their voting form by email please scan the completed proxy form and email it directly to Stan at  Or alternatively by faxed copy, then please fax the form to +44 (0)870 7741993 (YCFC fax number) marked for the attention of the Trust Secretary. At the same time, if you would like to separately notify Stan that you have sent the fax, please email


Voting at the meeting

Only Trust members will be admitted to the Trust meeting on 6th June.  If you are a Trust member who has not already voted by post, then you will be able to vote on the resolution personally at the meeting.

For those members intending to vote at the meeting, you will be provided with a special voting form at the meeting.  You will need to complete the voting form and place it in the ballot box at the meeting.


Counting the votes

The voting process is independent of the Trust Board.  The voting process is overseen by myself as the Trust Secretary.  Robert Pepper from the Huddersfield Town Supporters Trust has also kindly offered to act as an independent scrutineer in respect of the process.

The overall votes cast (by post and at the SGM) in favour and against the resolution will be announced at the SGM.  In accordance with Rule 48, the resolution will be decided by a simple majority of the votes cast (i.e. 50% plus 1 vote of the total votes cast).  The voting forms will only be seen by those undertaking the counting and will remain under the control/possession of the Trust Secretary.


SGM arrangements

You must be a Trust member to be admitted to the meeting at the Tempest Anderson Hall on 6th June.  If you are attending the SGM, please bring your membership card (or other ID) to assist.  Doors will open from 7pm and entrance will be on a first come basis.  The meeting will commence at 7:30pm.

The business of the meeting is as described in the letter to members:

1)      Discuss the current financial position and the Trust Boards considerations on alternatives for financing, management and ownership of the Club.

2)      Consider and vote on the motion to members in respect of the future financing, management and ownership of the Club.


Trust members will be able to address questions to the Trust Board at the meeting.

Trust member Malcolm Clarke has kindly volunteered to Chair the SGM.  Malcolm is not a Trust Board member.  As many supporters will be aware, Malcolm is the Chair of the national Football Supporters Federation.

The result of the total votes cast (i.e. the total votes cast by post before the meeting plus those in the ballot box at the meeting itself) will be announced at the meeting.  The meeting is expected to finish by around 9:30pm.


If you have any questions about the SGM, then please email



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