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Trust News (26 Dec 05) - report from Trust AGM
Trust News (26 Dec 05) - report from Trust AGM

Working for City

Welcome to todays match against our North Yorkshire rivals.  Lets hope for a good performance from Billys Team and a result to make it an even more Happy Christmas for all City supporters.



Trust AGM and election results

Last week, over 100 fans attended the Trusts AGM and then the Clubs latest fans forum.  Prior to the Trusts AGM, there was also held the BCH AGM, open to its remaining shareholders.  This was the first time that the Trust, the Club and BCH (all now part of the Trusts group of companies) had held meetings on the same evening.  


The results of the Trust Board election were announced that night.  There were 392 voting forms returned (33%) and the results were as follows: Mike Shannon 350, Kirsten Ovenden 339, Ian Hey 328, Ian Tyssen 249 and David Cocker 225.  Therefore, the first four candidates are elected to the Trust Board and David Cocker is not.  Thanks to all of the candidates for standing for election to help their Club, to the Election Working Group for overseeing the operation of a fair election, and also thanks to those members who took the opportunity to vote and make a difference.  At the meeting, there was also a members vote in respect of the resolution about the voting rights of co-opted Trust Board members.  On balance, the attendees at the meeting voted very differently to the proxy results that had been received prior to the meeting, and so Option B (that co-opted members should not have voting rights in Trust Board meetings) ended up receiving a majority of the votes.  As such, the matter will be incorporated into the governance framework for York City.


At the meeting, the Trust provided a presentation about some of the key developments/activities during 2005.  If anyone has got any questions about these, or other matters, please visit the Trust Information Desk in the Club Shop on match days, write to us, or email  The AGM updates included:

l                    An explanation of the financial situation and how the cash shortfall in the first quarter of 2005 was overcome by the injection of the Nestle monies and the 300,000 Loan from JMP.

l                    A reminder of the key terms of the deal to get our hands on Bootham Crescent, and the burden of the 2 million debt that the Club now carries;

l                    In response to questions from members, the details of how Craig, Swallow and Webb have pocketed over 2 million from their BCH dealings;

l                    Explanation of the key aspects of the Trusts governance review, published in 2005, that provides a transparent account of how the York City business operates (Trust & Club);

l                    In effect, an appeal that if theres anyone out there with significant funds that could help support their local football club, please get in touch.  The Trust would like to speak to you;

l                    The Trusts financial results for 2004/05 (copies of the accounts are available on the website), whereby the Trust recorded an accounting loss for the year, although actual cash in and out was more or less balanced (its an accounting thing, which we will gladly explain in more detail if anyone is interested!).



You can make a difference

One of the overall themes of the Trust AGM and of York City over the past couple of years is that, in the new York City, anyone can make a difference.  To the extent that people have the time and ability to get involved, the opportunity is now there for anyone to make a difference.  At the AGM we touched on three of the Trusts aims for 2006 and perhaps you could help your Trust/your Club achieve some of these aims.


1) Whilst the Trusts membership of 1,250 is 50% greater than the average for other trusts, wed still like to push that figure back past 1,500 in 2006.  Any body who thinks they can help us to achieve that, please get in touch.


2) In the last 2 years, York City has made great strides to improve its relationship with the council and a host of businesses and organisations in the City.  Initiatives with schools, junior football clubs, community groups, the church, anti-racism work, Active York, the fans survey, York businesses, and so on.  Any body who thinks they could invest some time to be an ambassador for York City in 2006, please get in touch.


3) Despite having dug deep into peoples time and pockets over the past 3 years, the array of supporter groups continue to maintain a good level of fundraising.  The 2006 challenge is to grow that further, and with new ideas to tap into new sources.   Again, its reliant on the efforts of volunteers.  The trust will help promote and co-ordinate those efforts.  So if you can do something, please get in touch.


Finally, at the AGM and here in our match programme, the Trust Board would like to express particular appreciation of the efforts of various people over the past year or so.  To the supporters whove stuck by their Club; To the various supporter groups whove maintained and grown their activities; To the staff at the Club who have gone through a lot of changes;  To the Manager and players for their efforts this season;  And finally, to the six people who somehow manage to balance their work and family lives with the challenge of being a Club Director.  Thank you for supporting your community football club.


Enjoy the match.  Provide the lads with some great support to help them get the right result.  Enjoy your Christmas and New Year and best wishes to you and your families for a prosperous 2006 (both on and off-the-pitch!).

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