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Trust News from 17 Dec 05
Trust News from 17 Dec 05

Building for the future

TRUST NEWS (171205)



Welcome to todays Trophy match.  After the drought, it seems a long since we were all here together, but over the next few weeks well be getting plenty of opportunities to reacquaint ourselves with the place as theres a flood of matches to come.  Weve seen a downturn in our fortunes over the past few weeks, so lets hope that Our Team can put in a good performance, get a victory today and start a good run over Christmas and New Year.  Theres a couple of lively matches to come soon against some team from down the A64 and City fans will be hoping we do somewhat better than last year season!


Trust AGM and Election Results

It was the Trust AGM and Board election results on Thursday.  Therell be a brief report in one of the next couple of programmes.  If you couldnt make it to the TAH and cant wait until then, please visit for some trust news.


Thanks to all Trust Members who voted for up to four of the five candidates.  The turnout was around 400 members, which, at over 30% of membership, is a decent level of voting.  There were five good candidates up for election, and each being prepared to stand up and put themselves forward to help York City.  At a time when theres not an abundance of people that appear prepared to do that, it could be a loss to York City if the unlucky candidate does not somehow remain involved in helping the Trust/Club going forward.


The Trust where we are at

Whilst on some measures, City supporters are not as active in their wider support of the Trust/Club as back in the crisis days of 2002 and 2003, YCST is still doing well relative to other Trusts.


A few weeks ago, the Football Governance Research Centre released their latest State of the Game report that includes the results of a survey of trusts in England and Wales  Some of the findings included:

l                    Aggregate membership of trusts was over 100,000 (up by around 30,000 compared to 2004).

l                    Average membership in 2005 was around 800 (adjusted to exclude the 30,000 membership of Shareholders United at MU), up from 337 in 2001 YCST membership is currently 1,253 (including 510 Life Members)

l                    Average trust income in 2005 was 36,000 YCST income in 2005 was much higher at around 51,000 (including the BC Loan Note monies)

l                    Only 38% of trusts considered their boards skill base to be adequate or very adequate YCST is always keen to involve willing & able people to help the Trust/Club

l                    80% of trusts had co-opted people to their board to help provide better skills, serve community interests and for better representation both of YCSTs co-opted board members (Ian Hey and David Cocker) chose to stand for election this year (and the results were announced 2 days ago at the AGM)

l                    95% of trusts have a Chair until theres someone prepared to take on the role and responsibilities, then YCST is one of the 5% of trusts that does not have a Chair (albeit the responsibilities are shared amongst the board members)

l                    95% of trusts discuss strategy, but only 34% of trusts have a business or strategic plan YCST falls into this category

l                    22% of trusts have some form of director representation on their Club Board at York, YCST appoints all of the Club Board (not just one or two Directors)

l                    38% of trusts consider owning the club to be important or very important the 85% majority ownership of our club by YCST is greater than any other trust in respect of any Football League or Conference club



Building for the future

The Trust and Club have now launched the Building for the future wall as a fundraising project and it will be built next to the Club Shop. The wall will be built in such a way that we will be able to dismantle it and take it to the new stadium, so your name will continue to be part of York City for the foreseeable future.  It will be built with bricks and granite stones engraved with fans names and messages on two lines - up to a maximum of 15 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation


The bricks cost 39.95 each in black lettering or 47.50 in gold lettering.

You will also receive a certificate and replica bricks are available at 29.95 in black and 37.50 in gold lettering for you to keep at home.  For companies and supporters wishing to have a really outstanding dedication, corporate stones in granite will be available which can include the club logo plus a dedication or message of support.


It is envisaged that there is enough space for around 450 wall bricks and 30 corporate stones, so to avoid disappointment place your order early.


It is proposed to build the wall in phases, and Phase 1 will close to orders at Xmas with the bricks being engraved, delivered and in place for the end of January, 2006.

  At the time of writing this article we have enough orders to place an initial order with our supplier but it is uncertain whether these will be engraved and delivered to us in time to have the first bricks in place for the match on Boxing Day, but we are making every effort to try to achieve this.


On your way into the ground for todays F.A. Trophy match you will have been handed a leaflet incorporating an order form.  So come on all you City fans, make your name (or that of someone else) a part of York Citys future.  Further copies of the leaflet are available from the Club Shop and Office.



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