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A tale of two Cities - Trust News from 1 Oct 2005
A tale of two Cities - Trust News from 1 Oct 2005

Supporting City

Welcome to todays match against a fellow trust-owned club.  The supporters of both Cities York and Exeter - have experienced a roller-coaster ride of emotions over the past three years both on and off-the-pitch.  However, for both York and Exeter, the main focus is now about having a winning team on-the-pitch and creating a community-focussed club off-the-pitch.  Today, well be hoping for another good performance from Billys Team, some goals, some more great support and three points.  Whilst the directors of ECFC will be welcomed into our boardroom today, we would like to extend a special welcome to Denise Watts, the Chair of Exeters trust, and all of her fellow trustees and ECFC supporters.


A tale of two Cities

Whilst their route towards saving their club was different, Exeters trust gained majority ownership of their football club in September 2003, just six months after the same was achieved at York.  Like York, Exeters trust has been at the forefront of developments in the trust movement over recent years.  There are a number of similarities between the two trusts/clubs and there are things to learn from the experience of each other:

l                    Both trusts have raised over 500,000 to help their respective clubs survive.

l                    Both sets of supporters had to endure their club going through insolvency proceedings back in 2003, as each trust inherited a legacy of debt from former owners.

l                    Both have achieved membership levels of over 2,000, although after the crisis of 2003, at York were now at around 1,400.

l                    Both clubs have had some former directors who did not always appear to act as the supporters would wish.

l                    Both trusts have had to appoint a Club Board who, in turn, have had to do a lot of fire fighting to deal with inherited financial and business issues.

l                    Both trusts have been establishing new procedures to help govern the relationship between their respective trust and club boards.

l                    Both trust-owned clubs have a focus on improving their relationship with the local community.

l                    Both clubs are now competing for promotion back to the Football League!


There is one particular thing that has happened over recent years that is very different between the two clubs.  As all York supporters are acutely aware, weve not won a cup match for ages.  By contrast, Exeter performed fantastically well in their matches against Manchester United last season - and, at the same time, generated a sizeable amount of income to help balance their books.  For both footballing and financial reasons, at York well be hoping to win some cup matches this season!  For more information about the trusts of York and Exeter, visit and



Trust Board elections and AGM

The Election Working Group, organised by Trust Secretary Stan Collins, is now up and running, thanks to a small group of volunteers including Carol Abel,  Matthew Flint,  Ruth Laird, Chris Laird, Wendy Dawson, David Hall and Ian Tyssen.


The process to fill four Trust Board vacancies will be run before the Trusts AGM, that is provisionally arranged for Thursday 15th December.  Anyone who wants to be nominated to become a Trust Board member will need to submit their nomination by 28th October.  Further details will be circulated to members in due course and will appear here in the match programme. 


If you are interested in becoming a Trust Board Member, but would like to discuss the matter first to better understand the role and time commitment, please contact the Trust Secretary or any Trust Board Member.  We would be very pleased to speak to you.  The current Trust Board comprises City supporters with a variety of age, backgrounds and careers.  The election is open to all eligible Trust Members.  The Trust could particular benefit from contributors to fundraising efforts, communications, the treasurer role and people with business experience.


Any member wishing to propose a members resolution for consideration at the AGM should write to the Trust Secretary and include the form and content of the resolution.  It is suggested you also refer to the Trusts Rules.  Such notice should be signed by the proposer and two other members and submitted by 28th October 2005 (which is an extension of two weeks from the provisional date previously notified).  Again, if you would prefer to speak to the Trust Secretary or a Trust Board member in the first instance, please get in touch.



If you have any queries, you can do any of visiting the Information Desk in the Club Shop, writing to us, emailing us at or catch any of the Trust Board members around the ground on matchdays.  Enjoy the match and thanks for your continuing support.

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