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Quarterly summary of Trust activities (to 31 Dec '04)
Quarterly summary of Trust activities (to 31 Dec '04)

Working for City

[As included in the Match Programme on Sat. 22 January 2005]

In this Trust News we provide the latest brief summary of the  work relating to York City Supporters Trust covering the period from 1 October to 31 December 2004.  The Trust Board has formalised and published designated roles and responsibilities for each Trust Board member.  This structure aims to improve the effective operation of the Trust Board, working relations with the Club Board and provide more clarity to, and better communication with, Trust members.  The quarterly update forms part of that framework. This is the third such quarterly report issued by the Trust feedback from supporters on this is welcomed.

In December 2004, Mike Brown and Terry Herbert stepped down from the Trust Board.  The Trust Board would like to thank both Mike and Terry for their significant input over the past three years and it is hoped that they will continue to support the work of the Trust and the Club.  Steve Beck and Richard Snowball were re-elected (unopposed) to their Trust Board positions.  The Trust Board also welcomes 2 new appointments, Mike Grant and David Potter.  Initially, Mike will focus on communications and corporate governance matters and Dave will particularly be involved in the Trusts fundraising work.



COMMUNICATIONS  (Paul Rawnsley, Mike Grant and Kirsten Gillies)

l                    The primary outlets continue to be the Trusts dedicated website, the match programme, other supporter-run websites and the local media.  Also links to Supporter Liaison role (see below) and the AGM/Elections.

l                    In the quarter to 31 December 2004 there were around 40 articles posted to and c.8,000 unique visitors to the website.  There are also supporters enquiries dealt with one-to-one by Ian Hey via (around 75 email enquiries dealt with in the quarter)

l                    Written communication to all members in November including the AGM notice and 2004 Trust Accounts.

l                    AGM and Club Fans Forum attended by around 150 supporters in December.  Summary of key messages from the presentations has been included in match programme and on website.

l                    In January, the Trust has released an extensive newsletter about the latest developments working towards the legal completion of the BC deal this is available on the website or on request.



Local Business (Mike Shannon)

l                    One of the main objectives of the Trust and the Club is to generate a better level of support for York City from the local business community.  Whilst the Club has made good progress on this front over the past year, we recognise that theres more work to be done.  On 30 September 2004 the York City Foundation was launched. 

l                    Mike is also representing York City on the Active York initiative.  Active York is a partnership of various sporting bodies and York City Council who are developing a strategy for sports facilities and participation in the local community. 


Initiatives (Ian Hey)

See Clubs Community Vision (below)


Youth (Graham Kilby and Steve Beck)

l                    As well as being a Trust Board member, Graham leads the work of Citys YDF, which supports Citys vibrant Youth system, promotes links with local junior football and initiatives for young supporters,

l                    Membership of the City/Junior Reds is over 400.  Junior Red club nights continue on the first Wednesday of each month (6pm in the Family Room).  New YCFC birthday and Christmas cards introduced.

l                    The Family Fireworks display held at BC in November was the best yet in terms of attendance (over 400) and organisation.

l                    Junior Reds Christmas Party on 23 December was well attended and supported by the players.

l                    The players/parents of Centre of Excellence lads were encouraged to seek sponsors for the season and so far their efforts have raised over 3,000.

l                    The YDF annual draw raised over 2,000.  In particular, the Towton Minstermen and the York City Feeder clubs helped to sell tickets.

l                    With the addition of Wigginton Grasshoppers and Rawcliffe, there are now 8 Feeder Clubs.  As part of the Feeder Club Arrangement, New Earswick and Stamford Bridge had their club day out at the match on 16 October and Pocklington and Hamilton Panthers on 6 November. The day included a pre match 5 a side game and half time penalty competition.

l                    Copmanthorpe, one of our other Feeder Clubs, has achieved FA Community Charter Status. They were presented with their award at half time during the Crawley match at BC.


CORPORATE GOVERNANCE  (Paul Rawnsley, Mike Shannon, Richard Snowball and Mike Grant)

l                    Support provided to the Club Board with regard to matters relating to the BC deal (that progressed a further stage at the BCH EGM on 11 January 2005).  In addition, discussions with the Club Board regarding financing matters.

l                    The completion and publication of the Trusts corporate governance review known as Project Spirit - has been postponed until after the Bootham Crescent situation has been resolved.  We will be putting in place a framework of structures and processes that will help ensure that the new York City Football Club, under Trust control, continues to be managed in the best interests of the supporters and the community.



Bootham Crescent (David Cocker plus Steve Ovenden)

l                    Nothing to report.  At this stage, work at BC is limited to essential maintenance only.


Planning and development for a new site (Mike Shannon)

l                    The Clubs work on this front is being led by Ian McAndrew (Stadium Development Director).  COYC have confirmed that the requirement for a new stadium will be incorporated into the Local Plan.  This will be of great significance when planning permission for the new stadium is applied for.  The Club is in discussions with planning officers concerning potential sites.  Regular meetings with the officers are planned so that agreement can be reached on all the principle requirements of the new stadium and any associated facilities.  Consultation will take place with other interested parties to help ensure the chosen site meets the needs of the Club, the supporters and the wider community.

l                    In conjunction with Persimmon Homes, a planning application will be submitted for the development of the BC site, on the basis that a Section 106 agreement is put in place, whereby development of the BC site is prevented until a new stadium is in place.


FINANCE (Peter Rookes)

l                    Pete continues to assist in the preparation of the Clubs budgets and monthly management accounts and works closely with Terry Doyle (the Clubs Finance Director).



Events (Kirsten Gillies, plus David Potter and Steve Ovenden)

l                    Fundraising remains vitally important for the Trust and York City.  David and Kirsten have commenced planning of a revitalised approach to fundraising - more details soon

l                    Organised another popular Race Night at the BC Social Club - Again a great success and well supported

l                    Organised the annual YCFC/YCST Christmas Dinner at the Racecourse. Another well supported event (over 140 attended) raising in the region of 2k

l                    In particular through the YMM, David is active in helping to promote use of the Social Club. The Social Club has recently had installed a giant plasma screen and Sky TV.

l                    Mike Shannon organised for author and journalist David Conn to visit BC in December to talk about his new book The Beautiful Game: searching for the soul of football.  David has made a donation to the Trust of the profit from sales of the book that evening.

l                    Home Win: Bootham Crescent in the hands of the supporters painting by local artist presented to the Club and limited edition prints on sale in the Club Shop.

l                    Kirsten is liaising with the new Club Marketing/Commercial Executive to discuss both the Club and Trust plans for revenue generation for both parties to ensure a harmonious approach in these areas.

l                    By the end of December, the Trust had received around 40 contributions (aggregating to around 9,000]) for the Trusts Bootham Crescent Loan Note 2004 Issue - intended to help meet the funding shortfall between the 2 million loan from the FSIF and the amount to be immediately paid in respect of the BC arrangements.  Supporters and friends of York City are still able to make a specific contribution for this purpose.  Forms available from Trust website and from the Club.


Schemes (David Cocker)

l                    David oversees the operations of the York City lotteries and is a York City Vice President. 

l                    The new Saturday Lottery is proving very successful. The Lottery Office donated 1,400 to the Club in December, and a further 400 in the first week in Jan.  The Lotteries Office are looking for agents/collectors in the York area for established rounds.



IPS TREASURER  (TBA plus support from Pete Rookes)

l                    The Trusts audited Accounts for the year ended 30 June 2004 were published in October 2004.  In the year, income was 72k and costs were 60k including around 45k donated to the Club in that year.

l                    Since its formation in January 2002, through the Trust, Citys supporters have contributed more than 600,000 to help support their football club and repair the financial mess inherited from former regimes.

l                    The Trusts Annual Accounts were prepared by Pete Rookes and the narrative by Paul Rawnsley.  The Accounts were presented to members and at the AGM (full copies available on the Trusts website or on request).


IPS SECRETARY (Stan Collins; not a Board member)

l                    The Trusts next AGM and a Club Fans Forum took place in December 2004 at the Tempest Andersen Hall.

l                    To the extent necessary, an Elections Working Group oversaw the process for appointment of new Trust Board members.  The four Trust Board positions up for grabs were filled by the four candidates.  There was no need for a vote of members.

l                    The Trust Board meets on a regular basis.  Between 1 October and 31 December there were five Trust Board meetings, two of which were joint meetings of the Trust and Club boards.  The new Trust Board members (Mike Grant and David Potter) were invited as observers prior to the time at which their appointment was ratified by the members.  Attendance records were as follows Steve Beck (3), Mike Brown (0), David Cocker (4), Kirsten Gillies (3), Mike Grant (4) Terry Herbert (3), Ian Hey (5), Graham Kilby (4), Sophie McGill (5), Steve Ovenden (3), David Potter (4), Paul Rawnsley (3), Pete Rookes (5), Mike Shannon (5), Richard Snowball (5).

l                    In addition to the above, Board sub-groups that have been set up that deal with specific matters.  The sub-group in relation to Business/Corporate Governance matters has been particularly active during the last quarter.  In addition to the meetings above, Steve and Sophie attend the regular board and management meetings of York City Football Club.


MEMBERSHIP  (Richard Snowball, who is also Trust Chairman)










Life members








Annual members















l                    Although there are 600 2003/04 members who have not renewed their Trust membership for 2004/05, around 100 new members have joined since June 2004.




Local (Steve Ovenden and Steve Beck)

l                    The Club now has a thriving network of regionally based Minstermen supporter groups including Harrogate, York, Towton, London, Malton, the Midlands and the North West.  Members of the boards of both the Trust and the Club have been providing support to these groups.

l                    The Arthur newsletter and Red & Blue also act as useful sounding boards for City fans views.

l                    Steve Beck has organised a new liaison panel of supporters from various sections of the ground, supporter groups and others, to meet periodically and discuss/consider any issues that may arise.  Involvement from and consultation with supporters is important for the Trust and the Club.  Going forward, the Trust will be looking to improve further the mechanisms in place.


National (Ian Hey)

l                    Ian Hey and Steve Beck attended the Supporters Direct Conference on 28 October in London. Representatives from over 50 Trusts were present together with others representing various football related bodies such as the Football League, Federation of Stadium Facilities, Football Supporters Federation, Football Governance research centre etc.  Acted as one of 4 facilitators at the Financial and Governance Surgery which was a networking session covering Loan notes Sharesave schemes, Company law and Grant aid.  Full report on Trust website.

l                    Liaison point for Supporters Direct who will shortly be holding their forthcoming elections. Discussions have been on-going with YNEST (Yorkshire and North East Supporters Trust group) with regards putting forward a candidate to represent  our area.

l                    Assistance to Posh Trust with regard to a proposed fundraising initiative by that Trust.


VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR  (Ian Savage; not a Board member)

l                    If you are able to give any of your own time to help the Trust/Club with anything from arranging a fundraising event to helping on a matchday, please get in touch at the usual address.



Elected Trust Board directors Steve Beck and Sophie McGill also serve in a separate role as Directors of York City Football Club Limited.  Steve has specific responsibility for representing the Club at local and national events and meetings and acts as a catalyst to all supporter groups related to the Club.  He is also the Director responsible for youth football development at the Club and in the Community.  Sophie is the Clubs Communications and Community Director, responsible for the Clubs Communications Strategy and relationships with local and national media.  Also responsible for managing relationships with the Council, key community organisations and football industry bodies for community matters.  The other Club Directors Terry, Jason and Ian are each Trust members and were selected and appointed by the Trust Board to their positions as Club Directors. Through a series of mechanisms, there is regular communication between the Club and Trust boards.

The last quarter has proved particularly challenging for the Boards of both the Trust and the Club, largely due to  the poor performances and results of the team on-the-pitch.  The Board is focussed on providing the basis for significant improvement going forward.

The Clubs Community Vision

In addition to the myriad of events summarised above, during the quarter to 31 December, there were various other initiatives that demonstrated the ways in which the new York City is helping to build better relationships with the local community.  Recent examples include:

l                    Minstermen Against Racism including over 200 entries from local school children to a poster and poetry competition.

l                    Children and families of City supporting soldiers out in Iraq were special guests at a match.

l                    Half term football courses by Citys FITC.

l                    Minstermen Christmas Appeal in aid of the York Arc Light Project charity for the homeless.

l                    York City carol service at the local St Lukes church led by Citys Chaplain Chris Cullwick.

l                    A new Supporters of Tomorrow initiative promoting girls football.



Thank you to all those people who continue to provide positive support to the Club and the Trust.  Without you, the Club would not survive.  For further information about the work and role of the Trust please visit , write to the Trust at Bootham Crescent or contact any Trust Board member.


Your Trust.  Your York City.  Keep the faith.


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