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Voting for the Trust Board

Announcement of 4 Trust Board positions 'up for grabs'

The countdown to the Trusts elections has started with four Trust Board positions to be elected ahead of the Trusts December AGM. One of the Trust Board members to be seeking re-election is Sophie McGill, who also serves as a Director of the Football Club.

Trust Secretary Stan Collins commented:

There are four Trust Board positions up for grabs. The Trust is planning to hold its AGM in December and the election results will be announced that night. Trust members will have both the opportunity to stand for election themselves and, when the time comes, to vote for their fellow supporters.

The election will take place by postal ballot during the few weeks preceding the AGM. The election results will be announced at the AGM itself.

When the elections take place, Trust members will be electing four supporters to the Trust Board to join the other seven other members who retain their positions following the last election in June 2002. Under the Trusts Rules, a third of the Trust Board positions are up for re-election each year.

There are four existing Trust Board members who will be seeking re-election:

- Peter Rookes, who is currently filling a casual vacancy on the Trust Board, and is required to stand for election by the Trusts Rules;
- Ian Hey, a co-opted Board member who has chosen to stand for election; and
- Sophie McGill and Paul Rawnsley, chosen at random from the remaining nine elected Trust Board members, to stand for re-election.

By coincidence, McGill and Rawnsley, selected at random from the existing Trust Board members, were the two Trust Board members with the most votes at the Trusts first election.

At the June 2002 election, around 900 members voted (representing around 65% of the membership at that time). Ian Hey and Peter Rookes were both brought onto the Trust Board, late last year/early this year, in particular to assist with the Trusts rescue package for the football club.

The Supporters Trust now has over 1,900 current members and that figure includes 394 Life Members. Trust officials are hopeful that overall membership can push through the 2,000 barrier and Life Membership beyond 400 people by the end of September. Annual Trust membership, at just 10, continues to be available and runs to June 2004.

Within the next few weeks, the Trust will be inviting members to be nominated to stand for the election. Candidates will need to be over eighteen years of age, members of the Supporters Trust on 30th September, willing and able to attend regular Supporters Trust Board meetings, able to comply with the criteria set out in the Rules of the Trust and willing and able to contribute constructively to achieve the aims of the Trust and work in the interests of the community.

For the avoidance of doubt, the elections and AGM are for the Supporters Trust, not the Football Club (which is a separate legal entity, owned by the Trust).

The operations of York City Football Club Limited are overseen by the Clubs Board of Directors, not the Trust Board. The operations are carried out by the Clubs employees, supplemented by a range of unpaid volunteers that include, but are not restricted to, the six fans on the Clubs Board.

In addition to the Trusts work to continue to help promote the club in the community and build a greater and more committed/positive supporter base going forward, the Trust Board plays a supervisory role (as the majority shareholder of the Club) over the Clubs operations. That supervisory role is guided by the previously published Code of Conduct governing the relationship between Club Board and Trust Board.

Under the Code of Conduct that helps govern the relationship between the Club and the Trust, the make-up of the Football Club Board should always have at least as many directors who are also Trust Board members as other directors. If Sophie McGill is not re-elected to the Trust Board, the Trust would need to consider changes to the make-up of the Club Board.

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