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Trust News from match programme of 2nd Jan 2005

Supporting City

New year resolutions


Amongst the Trusts new year resolutions is to try and engage more people in the running of York City.  Whilst there are probably more volunteers involved in helping City in some way than ever before, this can clearly be further improved.  We have to try and help more people realise that if they want to make a difference, and they want York City to be improved, the opportunity is there.  The main barriers are time, effort and capabilities.  The Trust will be proactively seeking to involve more supporters in 2005.  In the meantime, if you have an idea about what you could do to help make a difference, please do get in touch with anyone from the Club or the Trust.



Regulating the game


Last month, the All Party Football Group published a survey of lower division clubs, which backed MPs calls for further regulation of football finances.  Some of the main findings will be of no great surprise to most football supporters here at Bootham Crescent today, but it is interesting to note a few of them:

l                    28% of the surveyed clubs have supporters directly represented on the board or managing committee;

l                    61% said footballs rules should include regulation of directors;

l                    86% said agents should be further regulated;

l                    40% of the survey sample said that their finances had deteriorated over the past 10 years.

l                    Ground upkeep and player wages were the most often cited components of increases in spending;

l                    Only 6% of clubs felt that enough of the Premierships broadcasting revenue is distributed to the lower leagues;

l                    50% of clubs felt there should be an independent regulator for football, rather than leaving it to The FA.


Most York City supporters are familiar with the type of regulation or lack of that the FA has exercised on business matters.  This is indicative of why the FA is now perceived as being a weak regulator.




If any Trust Member would be interested in contributing on a regular basis towards the Trusts overall communications, it would be greatly appreciated.  You will need a PC, email and web access, decent writing skills and able to volunteer a few hours of your time each week.  If you are interested in discussing this further, please do contact anyone from the Club or the Trust.



Onwards and upwards

Finally, best wishes to all York City supporters for the New Year.  Thank you to all those people who continue to provide positive support and assistance to the Football Club they love.


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