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Taken from the Arthur newsletter

Andrew Leathley (York) writes . . .


IF - by Ruddy Crippling *

IF your club has been treated with disdain,
By people who were once its trusted Guardians,
IF you signed up for the fight ahead,
By joining a Supporters Trust with good intentions;

IF rivals sniggered at you when buckets were shaken,
To raise essential funds,
IF you donated cash when monies were tight,
And made allowance for those who couldnt spare a few pounds;

IF you laid awake at night pondering the clubs fate,
And got so tired of waiting you began to sob,
IF you were misled bv promises of a brighter future,
By a bespectacled saviour with a big gob;

IF the taxman came a calling whilst in administration,
Wanting far too many pence in every pound,
IF you scrimped and saved and battled,
To silence doubters and stood your ground.

IF you eventually saved the club with fellow fans,
And dared to dream of better things,
IF the Supporters Trust was now in charge,
Then surely some success it could bring?.........

IF you helped save Bootham Crescent for the foreseeable future,
Well at least for ten more years,
IF your smiling face in February 04 was trans formed,
Just twelve weeks later by relegation tears;

IF you experienced the Triumph and Disaster,
The highs and lows - much like the rest,
IF you thought the loss of our League status,
Would see us near the top end of the Conference with the best;

IF certain players dont cut the mustard,
And keep their places in the side, despite the usual dross,
IF you have vented fury at those in charge of your team,
At nearly every pitch and coin-toss;

IF neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
After defeat - their cruel remarks might smart,
IF you can still walk tall with club badge on your chest,
Sewn on a red shirt, close to your heart;

IF you can fill every football match,
With 90 minutes of passionate support,
IF you can chant with crowds and keep your virtue,
Then losses for your side will soon be nought;

IF youve spent tears and pots of money on the club that you adore,
And believe the corner will surely soon be turned,
IF several years of agony and mediocrity are to end,
From fans through to players, with heart, fight and every sinew stretched, it will be earned;

IF youre familiar with the above, but believe your club will soon ascent,
And that dark days will be banished and become a lot more fun,
Youre a true supporter of the club based at the Crescent,
And - what is more - you'll be a YORK CITY fan, my son!


* with apologies to Rudyard Kipling!

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