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Nominations invited for Trust Board
Nominations invited for Trust Board

Nominations Form available for members

Copy of letter dated 4th October being handed out to supporters at Bootham Crescent on 4th October and posted to other trust members thereafter.


Dear Trust Member


Thank you for continuing to support the Trust during what had been a momentous year. Having battled against financial adversity, a myriad of issues and many doubters, on 28 March 2003 the members of YCST became the proud owners of York City Football Club. York City is now owned and run by the fans for the fans and the wider community. The Clubs Board, its employees and many volunteers are now working hard to deliver the Trusts vision of a community focussed club. Whilst the continuing battle to retain a decent home ground for our Club remains an absolutely vital issue, we do hope that you share the pleasure of the Trusts Board with the progress that has been made so far.


In November 2002, when it became starkly apparent that we could be facing the end of York City, the Trust set itself one ultimate objective, To work to save York City Football Club from extinction so that our Club could continue playing in the Football League.

All those involved in the Trusts work are genuine life long fans with only the best interests of York City at heart. All of the actions and decisions of the Trust Board have been carefully considered and have been made on the basis of what the Trust Board, as an elected body, believed was in the best interests to save York City for our community.

Some people said York City was beyond salvation. Of course, we all now know that, against all the odds, the supporters of York City achieved the objective of saving our York City Football Club. This has also allowed the fight to retain a decent home ground for the Club to be continued.

Whilst it was a great achievement by the City fans to save the Club, nobody should be in any doubt that the new York City desperately needs the positive support of the people and businesses of York to help it survive in the future.

Since the completion of the Rescue Package, the Trusts role has evolved further. Some aspects of this role are, in effect, shared with the Club. The York City model is one that many people in football will be looking at over the coming months and years and no doubt will continue to evolve as time passes. A summary of the Trusts role is noted below:

i) Promoting York City within the local community;
ii) Promoting YCST/York City within the football/sports community;
iii) Working with all parties to ensure the Club continues to have a decent home in the city;
iv) Carrying out the operations of the Trust itself, as a separate legal entity with around 2,000 members;
v) Fundraising to provide funds to help the Club's finances;
vi) To represent the interests of the community and supporters in the way in which the Club is operated;
vii) Helping and organising for more volunteers to be somehow involved in assisting the Trust/Club for the benefit of York City;
viii) A guardianship role in relation to the running of the Club - as set out in the 'Code of Conduct' governing the relationship between the Trust and the Club.


The Trusts 2nd AGM is planned for the evening of Wednesday 17th December 2003 at the Grand Opera House, York. The business of the meeting will include a review of the Trusts work, a financial summary, announcement of the Trust Board election results, the relationship between the Trust and the Club and how we will help deliver a brighter future for professional sport in the area. Following the AGM, there will be a Fans Forum with representatives of the Club available to answer any questions.

There is also the opportunity for every eligible member to stand for election to the Trust Board and/or to vote. As at 30 September the Trust had 1,950 current members, making us probably the best supported Trust in the country. At the Trusts 1st AGM (in June 2002), over 400 members attended the meeting and 64% of members voted eleven fans (from 25 candidates) to the Trust Board.

When this years elections take place (by postal ballot in November/December 2003), Trust members will be electing four supporters to the Trust Board to join the seven other members who retain their positions following the last election.
There are four existing Trust Board members who will be seeking election:

- Peter Rookes, who is currently filling a casual vacancy on the Trust Board, and is required to stand for election by the Trusts Rules;
- Ian Hey, a co-opted Board member who has chosen to stand for election; and
- Sophie McGill and Paul Rawnsley, chosen at random from the remaining nine elected Trust Board members, to stand for re-election.

Every eligible member has the opportunity to stand for election (for 3 years) to the Supporters Trust Board
If you are
- Aged over 16 years and a member of the Supporters Trust as at 30 September 2003;
- Willing and able to attend regular Trust Board meetings;
- Willing and able to contribute constructively and positively to achieve the aims of the Trust and work in the interests of the community; and
- Can get 3 other Trust members to nominate you (on the form);

then you should consider standing for election for one of the four vacant positions.

No person can be a member of the Society Board who:

- has been declared bankrupt or compounded with their creditors;
- is subject to a disqualification order made under the Company Directors Disqualification Act;
- has been convicted of an indictable offence;
- is or may on the basis of medical evidence be suffering from mental disorder;
- fails to abide by any rules for the conduct of elections made by the Society Board.

The Trust has now established Election Rules (available on request or via An Elections Working Group (made up of Trust volunteers) will oversee the application of the Election Rules and the postal ballot itself will be carried out by an independent body, Electoral Reform Services (under the first-past-the-post method).

The Trust Board run the Trust on behalf of the members. Nobody on the Board is paid or receives expenses. As set out above, the Board works on behalf of the members to ensure that the business of the Supporters Trust is conducted in accordance with its rules and with the interests of the community.

If you are interested in standing for election, please pick up a Nominations Form from the Club Shop, from or by contacting the Elections Working Group via Bootham Crescent. Nominations must be completed and returned to the Election Working Group by close of business on Friday 31st October 2003.

In November 2003 details of all those individuals who have put themselves forward for election will be circulated to all Trust members along with further notice of the AGM.

Please continue to support the Trust and work for a better future for our Football Club.

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