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Teamselecta Update

First Teamselecta table & comments of the season

This year's competition is now up and running! See the below link to find your current standing.

Thanks go to Mike Grant for his continued reporting on the competition, to Christine & David Marshall for updating the table for us and also to Alan Harris for creating the competition and entering all our entries.

Good luck for the season!


Well, weve come to the end of a beautiful hot summer and York City are riding high in the Conference and blast that alarm clock, its back to reality!

Never mind, its the end of the first month of the football season and that means that the Trusts Team Selecta competition is up and running again, with a huge pot of prize money!

This year we have 285 entrants to the competition, (a big thanks to each and every one of you) so the total amount raised is 1,425 with 705 going to Trust funds and the rest being given back in prize money, split as follows:

First prize 500

Second prize 145

Third prize 75

There wont be a 10 voucher for Manager of the Month this year, mainly for administrative reasons, so all prize money is paid out at the end of the season.

So, at the end of the first month, the leader with 126 points is Trudy Bennett, closely followed by Keith Allan only two points behind and then three tied on 122 points, Gill Shepherd 1, Keith Parker and Joanna Bond.

No newsletter is complete without naming and shaming those at the bottom of the table, but as I feel that mere naming and shaming is not enough humiliation for those who cant tell a football from a rugby ball, this season I am donating a booby prize.

The person to finish up bottom will receive the "Dynamo Kebab Mug for a Mug" (which is a mug with the inscription "I love Scarborough") and this is certainly a prize to be avoided at all costs.

So who this month has given a performance as good as Paula Radcliffe?

Yes, its a lady and her name is Janet Wilks, with a miserable points total of 68, and dont feel smug Mrs. M. Suter, youre only four points clear of Janet.

But dont be too despondent Janet, remember Team Selecta is a marathon, not a sprint (pity Paula Radcliffe didnt remember that) and Im sure that the thought of receiving that mug and all the public humiliation that goes with it will ensure you lift yourself off bottom place.

Mike Grant


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