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Trust News from 18th Sept match programme
Trust News from 18th Sept match programme

Your Trust. Your York City.

Welcome to todays Conference match at our Bootham Crescent Home.  Lets hope our City Team can do us proud and get the right result.  Please continue to support Your York City in both on and off-the-pitch activities.


A couple of news stories from the Supporters Direct newsletter published this week.  A recent survey estimates that the 114 supporters trusts around the UK have now raised over 10 million for the good of the game.  Thats around 90,000 for each trust.  Of course, here at York, through the Trust, over the past 2 years the fans have now raised well in excess of million to support Citys survival and fundraising continues to be a vital part of the role of the Trust going forward.  The survey also reveals that there are around 75,000 trust members around the UK, an average of just over 650 per trust.  Whilst membership of YCST has, perhaps inevitably after the crisis for survival in 2003, reduced recently, the total adult membership of around 1,300 still makes it one of the best supported in the country.  If youve yet to renew (or yet to join YCST), please do so as soon as possible.  Membership forms are available from BC and on (30th September deadline if you want to stand for election or vote in the 2004 Trust Board elections see below).


The newsletter also includes an excellent article by Wrexham Supporters Trust explaining how events have unfolded at their club over recent months.  The ingredients will sound somewhat familiar from the recent history of YCFC an unpredictable chairman, property developers eyeing the real estate potential, the real prospect of a historic club becoming homeless or even going out of business and a mounting debt.  For more information about whats happening at the Racecourse Stadium and about how another clubs fans are contemplating taking on the role of owning and running their club, visit  This months Supporters Direct newsletter also includes news about YCFC getting its hands on Bootham Crescent and an interview with Trust Chairman Richard Snowball.


The biggest single method (over 31%) of supporters raising funds for their trusts has been through the mechanism of Loan Notes.  A quick reminder to anyone out there who wants to help City specifically to raise money to gain ownership of BC, the Trusts Bootham Crescent Loan Notes Issue 2004 remains open.  So far, around 40 supporters have, between them, contributed over 9,000.  The Loan Note scheme will remain open until the deal to gain ownership of Bootham Crescent is completed, after which the Club and the Trust will also announce details of how the future ownership of Bootham Crescent will be protected for the benefit of the whole community.  Please consider contributing if you can application forms available from or from BC.


The Trust and the Club have long identified the need to generate a greater level of support from the local business community.  The York City Foundation is a new initiative which is designed to broaden the appeal of the club to the enterprising and successful business community of Yorkshire and beyond.  The launch of the Foundation on 30th September will outline the various ways in which Yorkshire businesses, and those of you who run them, can become an important part of the renaissance of York City.  Therell be more details in match programmes and local press about this new initiative.  Please support it if you can.  The planned speakers at the launch of the Foundation will be Coun Janet Looker, the Lord Mayor of York, Coun Steve Galloway, the leader of the City of York Council; Chris Brass, the manager of York City; Jason McGill, the managing director of York City; Adam Sinclair, the chairman of York Business Pride; and Michael Shannon, a Board Member of the York City Supporters Trust.


The volunteers in the Election Working Group are now working to organise this years Trust Board election.  Again, there will be four places up for grabs to any trust member who is nominated by the 15th October deadline.  Please do consider if you can be actively involved in leading the operations of the Trust.  The Trust needs your support.  In due course, membership of the Trust Board also provides an opportunity for you to be a director of York City Football Club itself.  If you would like to discuss in more detail the role and requirements of being a Trust Board director, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Stan Collins, Paul Rawnsley or any other Trust Board member.  The Trusts AGM is now arranged to take place on Thursday 2nd December.


Your York City.  Your Trust.  Keep the faith!

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