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Trust's work (July 04 newsletter)
Trust's work (July 04 newsletter)

Quarterly newsletter about the work & role of YCST

This is a brief summary of some of the recent work and upcoming matters relating to York City Supporters Trust.  For further information about the work and role of the Trust please visit , write to the Trust at Bootham Crescent or contact any Trust Board member.

The Trust Board has now formalised and published designated roles and responsibilities for each Trust Board member.  This structure aims to improve the effective operation of the Trust Board, working relations with the Club Board and provide more clarity to and better communication with - Trust members.

Going forward, it is our intention to publish a brief quarterly summary.  This newsletter covers the period to 30 June 2004, which coincides with the Trusts financial and membership year end.  This newsletter primarily relates to the work of the Supporters Trust, the body that owns York City Football Club, rather than the Football Club itself. 



Paul Rawnsley (plus Steve Ovenden and Kirsten Gillies)

l                    Since the completion of the Trusts Rescue Package in March 2003, the Trust has been very happy for the Club to be the main generator of York City news theres an ongoing working relationship with Sophie on Club matters. 

l                    The Trusts Communications Strategy remains in place, but these days there is less news to report than in the lead up to March 2003!

l                    The primary outlets continue to be the Trusts dedicated website, the match programme, other supporter-run websites and the local media.  Also links to Supporter Liaison role (see below).

l                    In the quarter to 30 June 2004 there were 60 articles posted to and c.9,000 unique visitors to the website.  In particular, the Trust prepared an extensive explanatory newsletter about matters relating to Bootham Crescent. 

l                    A communication to all members including a Newsletter was posted in June.  Practicalities & cost limit postal communication to all members.

l                    This newsletter has been produced!  Comments and feedback welcomed.  Some members had asked if Trust Board meeting minutes could be published.  However, this is not possible for both practical reasons and issues of confidentiality.  The Trust continues to conduct its affairs in an open & transparent manner and this newsletter also helps that.

l                    If you can volunteer some time to assist with the Trusts communications, please get in touch.



Local Business (Mike Shannon)

l                    One of the main objectives of the Trust and the Club is to generate a better level of support for York City from the local business community.  The Club has made good progress on this front over the past year, but we recognise that theres more work to be done.

l                    Mike Shannon is co-ordinating a working party with a view to launching a new business club to support City.  Details about this new initiative and its launch will be announced in the near future.

l                    Mike is also representing York City on the Active York initiative.  Active York is a partnership of various sporting bodies and York City Council who are developing a strategy for sports facilities and participation in the local community.  An important conference will take place in November at which York City will be represented.


Initiatives (Ian Hey)

l                    The Open Day on 25 July was well-attended and helped raise further funds for City.

l                    The Club was involved with last seasons Kick out Racism campaign an important initiative, with Citys proactive stance also noted by the Football Foundation - and is to take part in any future events.

l                    Ian to work with Sophie to support and develop other initiatives by Trust &/or Club - through the season.


Youth (Graham Kilby)

l                    As well as being a Trust Board member, Graham is also Chairman of Citys Youth Development Fund, a separate body that supports the Clubs football youth set-up and activities for young supporters.  The YDF also administers the City Reds and Junior Reds.

l                    The first annual Feeder Club 6-aside competition was held at the Clubs training ground in May.  Also acted as a talent spotting session for York Citys scouts and coaches.  The final was held at BC on 25th July.

l                    The Feeder Club network 6 local football clubs - will continue again in 2004/05.  Through the season a party of youngsters (and parents) will be invited to attend a match at BC.

l                    Summer football courses will be held at each of the feeder club grounds by York Citys Football In The Community scheme. 

l                    A number of cost-cutting measures have necessarily been introduced at the Centre of Excellence this summer, but Graham considers that the standards of coaching and facilities will not be affected.  New fundraising initiatives are in the pipeline to help support Citys youth programme.

l                    Last season there was a record number of Junior Reds (over 450).  Renewal letters have been sent out to all of last seasons members.

l                    Since May, the YDF has made donations of almost 6,000 to York City Football Club.

l                    Part of Steve Becks Club Director responsibilities relate to Youth Development.  In the coming season efforts will be made to raise the profile of the Youth Department and Centre of Excellence within the local community and amongst the fanbase.



Paul Rawnsley (plus Mike Shannon and Richard Snowball)

l                    Through a sub-group, the Trust Board has provided support and assistance to the Club Board in its work to gain ownership of Bootham Crescent.  This has also enabled the Trust Board to be appropriately informed of developments in relation to the complexities involved.

l                    In the first quarter of 2004 the Trust carried out thorough review of York Citys corporate governance framework.  It was decided to postpone completion and publication of the unprecedented review until after the Bootham Crescent situation has been resolved.  We will be putting in place a framework of structures and processes that will help ensure that the new York City Football Club, under Trust control, continues to be managed in the best interests of the supporters and the community.

l                    As a result of Project Spirit, the Club Board reviewed their own roles and responsibilities and a Board structure has been established and published.

l                    As part of Project Spirit, the Trust Board recently reviewed its own operations.  One of the results of the review has been a formalisation and publication - of the roles and responsibilities of Trust Board members as included in this newsletter.

l                    There are several practical aspects to the fulfilment of the Trusts guardianship role.  For instance, (i) In relation to certain Club matters strong working relationships between the Club Board and the Trust Board have been established over the past year or so.  For example, particularly in relation to Club communications, financial management and Project Gold.   (ii) A formal meeting between the Boards of the Trust and the Club the most recent such meeting was held on 6 July - to consider strategic direction, financial forecasts, the ground situation and other key issues.   (iii)  Under Company Law, as majority shareholder, the Trust has certain rights regarding the appointment and removal of directors and control over certain other matters.

l                    A more extensive statement has been released by the Trust about corporate governance matters and, in particular, the make up of the Club Board - and is available on the Trusts website.



Bootham Crescent (David Cocker plus Steve Ovenden)

l                    To update in due course.


Planning and development for a new site (Mike Shannon)

l                    The Clubs work on this front is being led by Ian McAndrew (Stadium Development Director).

l                    The Trust continues to liaise with the Club Board on this key issue for York City over the next decade.



Peter Rookes  (plus support from Paul Rawnsley)

l                    Pete continues to be heavily involved in the preparation of the Clubs monthly management accounts and works closely with Terry Doyle (the Clubs Finance Director and Deputy Managing Director)

l                    The Club directors recently made a presentation to the Trust Board of the business plan and financial projections for the 2004/05 season (a report on this meeting is on

l                    Pete has provided assistance to the Club in preparing the annual financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2004 (as published this week).

l                    In particular due to Petes involvement in the financial management and reporting of the Club, the Trust Board agreed that, as majority shareholder, it would not require the Clubs financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2004 to be audited.  This also helps saves the Club time and expense.



Events (Kirsten Gillies, plus support from Steve Ovenden)

l                    In June, a Fundraising Team was formed and a Fundraising Plan is being developed for the 2004/05 season.  Issued Volunteers/Ideas form to membership in a drive to obtain more volunteers and fundraising ideas and now acting on a number of ideas

l                    The Fansmatch in May 2004 (organised by Steve Ovenden) raised over 12k.  DVD & photos now available

l                    Assistance to Club for the Open Day on 25 July

l                    Fans Football Tournament (primarily organised by Owen Willis)

l                    Commenced Teamselecta 2004/5 competition & currently selling, inputting entries and arranging updates

l                    Christmas Dinner. Currently looking at dates/venues for a YCFC/YCST Christmas Party in the same form as last years

l                    Race Night at BC coming soon

l                    Assisting the Club to improve its database

Schemes (David Cocker)

l                    David oversees the operations of the York City lotteries.

l                    More information about fundraising schemes to follow in due course.



Terry Herbert (and assistance from Pete Rookes on preparation of Annual Accounts)

l                    Continuing maintenance of the Trusts own Sage financial accounting records

l                    The Trusts financial year end was 30 June 2004.  The Trusts Annual Accounts will be prepared shortly.  The Accounts will be issued ahead of the Trusts AGM.

l                    Summary of financial incomings and outgoings for the year below:

Cash balance at 30/6/03 14k

Cash received in year 61k

Donations to club 43k

Other payments 24k

Cash balance at 30/6/04 8k



Stan Collins (not a Board member)

l                    The Trusts next AGM (& a Club Fans Forum) is planned to take place in November 2004

l                    An Elections Working Group will again be established to oversee the operation of the Trusts Election Rules

l                    There will be four Trust Board positions open for election ahead of the AGM

l                    By mid-July the Trust had received over 20 applications (aggregating to over 5,000) for the Trusts Bootham Crescent Loan Note 2004 Issue - intended to help meet the c.100k funding shortfall between the 2 million loan from the FSIF and the amount to be immediately paid in respect of the BCH arrangements.  Supporters and friends of York City are still able to make a specific contribution for this purpose.  Forms available from Trust website and from the Club.

l                    The Trust Board meets on a regular basis.  Since 30 June 2004 there have been two Board meetings on 6 and 24 July.  During the year to 30 June 2004 the Trust Board held 11 meetings.  Attendance records were as follows:

Steve Beck (10), Mike Brown (11), David Cocker (7 out of 7), Kirsten Gillies (10), Terry Herbert (6), Ian Hey (10), Graham Kilby (9), Sophie McGill (9), Steve Ovenden (6 out of 6), Paul Rawnsley (10), Pete Rookes (11), Mike Shannon (9), Richard Snowball (8).

l                    In addition to the meetings above, those Trust Board members who are also Club Directors attend the regular board and management meetings of York City Football Club.



Richard Snowball (who is also Trust Chairman)

l                    Summary of Trust membership numbers:










Life members








Annual members















l                    In addition to the numbers detailed above, in 2003/04 there were approximately 450 Junior Reds.  The IPS rules set out that under 16 year olds cannot be members of the Trust.  Therefore, it has been established (since January 2002) that all members of the Junior Reds are affiliated members of the Trust.

l                    A membership renewal pack was distributed to all members in June 2004.  Trust membership forms also available via  By mid-July there were around 600 annual members who had yet to renew their membership for 2004/05. 

l                    Please help support the Trust by joining as a member (just 10 for annual membership) and encouraging others to do so.

l                    The scheme to invite Trust members to meet the Club Board on a matchday continued throughout the last season and will be in place again for 2004/05.



Local (Steve Ovenden and Steve Beck)

l                    The Club now has a thriving network of regionally based Minstermen supporter groups including Harrogate, York, Towton, London, Malton and the Midlands.  The Junior Minstermen has also recently been launched by a group of young City fans.

l                    Members of the boards of both the Trust and the Club have been providing support to these groups.

l                    The Arthur newsletter and Red & Blue also act as useful sounding boards for City fans views.

l                    Steve Beck plans to organise a liaison panel of supporters from various sections of the ground, supporter groups and others, to meet periodically and discuss/consider any issues that may arise.  This new initiative is intended to be in place by the end of August 2004.

l                    Involvement from and consultation with supporters is important for the Trust and the Club.  Going forward, the Trust will be looking to improve further the mechanisms in place.


National (Ian Hey)

l                    YCST continues to be a role model for other Trusts both in the way we have organised ourselves initially in order to acquire the football club business and how we have operated and organised ourselves thereafter.

l                    Meetings have been held with representatives of supporters trusts at Cambridge United, Bradford City and  Darlington about specific problems at their clubs. Additionally we have been in communication with Leeds United Supporters Trust about issues of concern for them and have discussed with Burnley Supporters the benefits for both the Club and supporters of a Supporters Trust.

l                    The Trust continues to be an active member of Supporters Direct and is a regular contributor of articles to the Supporters Direct magazine.

l                    Ian is a member of the Football Supporters Federation.



Ian Savage (not a Board member)

l                    The number of people performing some form of work or role in support of York City has grown enormously since the formation of the Trust (but is not just limited to the Trust).  The Trust and the Club and various other City related groups are reliant on volunteers.

l                    Ian Savage recently volunteered to help drive forward the Trusts role in generating a greater level of involvement from City supporters in the work of the Trust and to support the Club.

l                    A volunteer co-ordination strategy is being prepared and it is hoped to start implementing that within the next couple of months.



Elected Trust Board directors Steve Beck, Mike Brown and Sophie McGill have also served in a separate role as a Director of York City Football Club Limited since March 2003.  On 5 July 2004 Mike Brown resigned as a Club Director due to personal reasons.

Steve is the Chairman of York City and has specific responsibility for representing the Club at local and national events and meetings.  He is also the Director responsible for youth football development at the Club and in the Community.  He is also to act as a catalyst to all supporter groups related to the Club.

Sophie is the Clubs Communications and Community Director, responsible for the Clubs Communications Strategy and constructive relationships with local and national media.  Also responsible for managing relationships with the Council, key community organisations and football industry bodies for community matters.

In this Trust Newsletter, we have not summarised the work of the Club and/or the Club Directors.


The Trusts role is described as follows:

i)                      Promoting York City within the local community;

ii)                     Promoting YCST/York City within the football/sports community;

iii)                    Working with all parties to ensure the Club continues to have a decent home in the city;

iv)                   Carrying out the operations of the Trust itself, as a separate legal entity and a membership organisation;

v)                    Fundraising to provide monies to pass on to help the Club's finances;

vi)                   Helping and organising for more volunteers to be somehow involved in assisting the Trust/Club for the benefit of York City;

vii)                 To represent the interests of the community and supporters in the way in which the Club is operated, performing a guardianship role in relation to the running of the Club.


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