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Trust membership for 2004/05
Trust membership for 2004/05

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York City Supporters Trust Membership Renewals 2004/05

Thank you to all those people who have supported the Trust over the past year or so.  For all existing Annual Members, the membership period runs to 30 June 2004.  Please continue to support Your Trust and a future for professional football in York by renewing your membership for 2004/05. 


Your Trust needs your continuing support

Fortunately, most supporters understand and appreciate the immense challenges that have faced the Football Club over the past 18 months and what has been achieved in that short time.  Despite the issues faced, clearly it was hugely disappointing that the results on the pitch were not good enough and at the end of 2003/04 season the Team suffered relegation to the Conference.

Unfortunately, for those who only look at the League tables, they will not appreciate the achievements of Citys supporters.  For the long term future of Your Club, the most important issues to be sorted were to achieve financial survival and a ground solution.  Relegation should not overshadow the work and achievements of the Club Board over the past 15 months in running the football club in exceptionally difficult circumstances and, ultimately, working towards a long term ground solution.

Next season it will be Conference football at Bootham Crescent.  Relegation brings new challenges, added to which will be the ongoing costs associated with Bootham Crescent.  Next season, on-the-pitch, we should be aiming high and be confident about competing well, but without being arrogant.

Please continue to support the work of the Trust, the owner and guardian of York City Football Club.


Benefits of Trust membership to you include

l                    Membership of what is widely regarded as one of the pre-eminent supporters trusts in the UK and the organisation that won Trust of the Season in 2003;

l                    An ownership stake in the Trust, the body that owns Your Football Club and, subject to completion of the formalities, will now also own Bootham Crescent;

l                    Voting power for the Trust Board, and the option to stand for election yourself;

l                    An opportunity to be invited to a match as a special guest of the Club Board; and

l                    Communications about York City business (meetings, newsletters, website, media, etc).

Maintaining YCST as one of the best supported trusts in the country provides York City with

l                    More fundraising, which is a vital element for the Clubs future success;

l                    A depth and breadth of support for a club now owned and run by supporters for the fans and the wider community; and

l                    Credibility, influence and a more powerful voice within the city of York.


Shortly, all members should be receiving a pack of information from the Trust including a membership for renewals - or more new joiners.

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