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End of Season message
End of Season message

Trust News from the match programme of 1st May

It could have been that Saturday 1st May 2004 was to be the final York City match to be played at Bootham Crescent.  It could have been that York City did not even exist for the 2003/04 season thats now ending.  As it is, York City was rescued from the brink of extinction and the fight went on to deliver a ground solution.  Obviously, it is a tremendous disappointment to all supporters that the Team has now been relegated from The Football League. 


Unfortunately, for those who only look at the League tables, they will not appreciate the achievements of Citys supporters over the past fifteen months.  For the long term future of Our Club, the most important issues to be sorted were to achieve financial survival and a ground solution.  On-the-pitch, it was expected to be a struggle, but there was hope and confidence that the players would battle for survival.  Disappointingly, that was not achieved.  After everything that Citys supporters have faced over the past couple of years, many people will be feeling that it is not fair.


Next season it will be Conference Football at Bootham Crescent.  In itself, relegation brings new financial challenges, added to which will be the ongoing costs associated with Bootham Crescent.  Next season, on-the-pitch, we should be aiming high and be confident about competing well, but without being arrogant.


Unity, hard work and commitment

Despite having to focus on finances and the ground a huge amount of time and effort has been invested in these matters by representatives of the Boards of both the Club and the Trust the Club has achieved in many other areas during the past year.  These days, under ownership by supporters, York City is about more than just a football team.  Yes, there is still a lot of work to be done.  But with unity, hard work and commitment, in time, a stronger York City will evolve.


Citys supporters are fighters.  We have some of the best and most dedicated supporters in the country on the Board, in the Trust and amongst the wider fanbase.  The Club is building stronger community foundations than in the past and is improving its commercial and other operations after years of under-investment.  Some of the results of this labour may not be truly seen until ten years in the future.


Your Club needs your continuing support.  This will again be apparent when the Club announces further details about the long term ground solution.  Please do continue to provide positive support for Your Club in whatever way you can.


Looking Forward

Whilst the football season may have ended, dont expect the supporters work to cease or City to be out of the news.  For instance:

l                    Please visit the Trusts website at where theres a host of City related news and any major announcements will be posted there.

l                    The Fans Match will take place at Bootham Crescent on Sunday 9th May.  Over 10,000 has been raised so far and it is hoped that many City fans will attend to watch.

l                    Harrogate Minstermens End of Season do on 10th May.

l                    The London & South group of City supporters will be holding their AGM & quiz on 13th May.

l                    The YCST Sporting Dinner will be held at York Racecourse on 17th May.

l                    Trust Membership renewals for 2004/05 (and appeal for new joiners, for anyone out there whos yet to join) will be sent out within the next month or so.

l                    More aspects of the Trust/Club corporate governance review will become apparent before the start of next season.

l                    Fundraising, fundraising, fundraising!


If anyone has got ideas for the Trust/Club to consider and/or would like to volunteer some time for the benefit of York City, please do get in touch with a Club/Trust representative or via the Trusts website at


Finally, on behalf of the Trust Board, we would like to thank all those people who have provided support for the Trust and the Club in whatever way over the past fifteen months.  Theyll Never Kill York City!

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