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City Fan sheds pounds for the cause!!!

City Fan Ian Tyssen sheds 33lbs in aid of YCST

York City fan Ian Tyssen has spectacularly shed over 30lbs in 10weeks in aid of YCST.

Despite major temptations (working for a chocolate factory being the main one!) Ian has stuck to the task and raised around 200 in the process.

A big well done and thank you to Ian!!!

As well as all his efforts on the dieting front, Ian is also in the process of organising a Treasure Hunt this summer on behalf of and in aid of the Trust. Watch this website & the Leyton Orient match programme for further details...

Below is an account, in his own words of how Ian achieved his goal.

The sponsored diet has now come to an end. However, I am going to continue to
try and lose another 1 or 2 stone over the summer.

Here are the important statistics ...

Start weight (9th February) 17 stone 4 pounds
Target weight       15 stone 2 pounds
End weight (19th April) 14 stone 13 pounds

Target loss 30 pounds
Actual loss 33 pounds

The sponsorship is now starting to be paid and will total between 150 and 200
dependent on how many people will give a little more than they originally

What is most encouraging is that almost all of the sponsorship is from people who never likely to step through the turnstiles at Bootham Crescent. I have deliberately avoided asking fellow City supporters to sponsor me as we really need to raise as much money as possible from non City supporters rather than appealing to the same people every time.

Rather than sponsoring me I hope fellow City supporters could use
their spare cash to take potential future supporters to City matches (children,
nephews & nieces, friends, family etc). I have used my spare cash this season to
try and convert my nephews into being City fans (with some success despite the
poor performances) and will be enrolling 8 children (2 of mine plus 4 nephews
and 2 nieces) as Junior / Infant Reds next season.

Anyway, back to the diet! All this has been achieved by simply eating sensibly and doing more light exercise.

* Not putting a spoonful of sugar in cups of tea / coffee.
* Drinking water and an occasional fruit juice at work rather than 6-8 cups of
             tea / coffee per day.
* Eating a healthy breakfast (fruit or a non sugary cereal) rather than a pile
             of toast with something fattening on top.
* Not snacking on all the free chocolate lying around the office. I have been
            tempted a few times as Nestle products are so good  (the boss insisted 
that I said that !)
* Not finishing off what my wife and daughter leave of their meals. I've been
brought up not to waste food so tipping food in the bin is not something I like
* Eating a healthy tuna, chicken or even octopus salad, a low fat yoghurt and  a piece of fruit on a lunchtime.
* Eating a light evening meal, no later than 6.30pm.
* Parking the car as far away from the office as possible on a morning and, when the weather is OK, going to work on the bike.
* Walking up the stairs to my 5th floor office rather than using the lift. I
would be out of breath 10 weeks ago when I reached the top but it's not a
problem anymore.
* Going for a brisk walk every lunchtime (on average for 1 hour). I try to give
myself a reason to walk into the city centre each lunchtime even though it may
be to do something which I could do without having to do a 40 minute walk. e.g.
to withdraw some cash from the bank when I could easily do it when at the
* Keep busy by doing the housework on an evening, if I am at home. As the wife
is pregnant, it helps her, it gives me some added exercise and it also takes my
attention away from snacking while sitting in front of the TV.
* Have a 30 minute walk to the village shop (and back) to get lottery tickets or
newspapers on a weekend rather than just getting them when I am passing in the
car or while I am at the supermarket.
* Take a little longer doing the food shopping so that I can check the
nutritional info on foods. I am the man in Tesco who reads the small print on
the packaging of everything that goes into my shopping trolley.

A lot of the things I have done involve not doing the 'convenient thing' and
taking more time to do tasks. However, I would have only used much of that time
to sit in front of the TV. So, considering how much rubbish is on TV, I am
better off in more ways than one.

As the weather gets better in the summer, I will be walking and cycling more. I
couldn't now face some of the food I used to eat and actually really enjoy the
healthy food I have been eating over the last 10 weeks. I also have plans to
start swimming now that I don't look totally hideous in my swimming trunks (only
slightly hideous). Thanks to the impetus that raising money for the Trust has
given to me, I have changed my life for the better and feel like I'm 21 years
old again. Although, due to excess alcohol consumption that day, I can't
remember a lot about my 21st Birthday except that it involved getting soaked on
an open terrace at the cricket ground in Northampton in November 1992. A high
scoring defeat I think.

On the downside, after I have bought a season ticket for next season, I may not
be able to afford to replace all the clothes which are far too big for me now.
So, if you see a shaven headed, 32 year old, with spectacles, wearing over sized
clothes on the Shippo next season, that's me !!

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