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From the Boardroom - Ian McAndrew on the ground
From the Boardroom - Ian McAndrew on the ground

From City Programme notes

Extract from Match Programme against Scunthorpe Utd. Notes by City Director Ian McAndrew

Good afternoon and a warm welcome to the directors, management, players and supporters of Scunthorpe United.

Welcome also to the faithful supporting York City here at our home BOOTHAM CRESCENT.
Thats particularly rewarding for me as last week, with full board approval, I had the enjoyable task of instructing our consultants to formally withdraw the planning application we had submitted in respect of Huntington Stadium.
As a result, the City of York Council planning officers have advised all interested parties, consultees, and objectors that the application is now confined to the archives.

I must therefore take this opportunity to thank our consultants who, without exception, have worked extremely hard on behalf of the club.
They had to deliver the project against difficult time constraints and within an impossibly tight budget at the same time as designing a credible home for the club, should we have had to move. All this had to be achieved against a background of ever-increasing regulations and restrictions which at times seemed to be coming at us from all directions.
Despite the problems, CAD Architects of Lincoln, led the team with great enthusiasm and never hesitated to seek solutions, resolve problems and at times waited patiently for their fees to be paid.

Initially, Faithful and Gould and then E C Harris provided quality surveying services and all-weather track specialists were engaged to cost the relocation of the running track.
John Potts was our planning consultant and Faber Mounsel our traffic management advisors. Both these were paid for by Persimmons as was the application fee and I would like to thank them also.

Many other parties contributed, including engineers, surveyors, and a number of other specialist consultants.

I would also like to thank the many other parties such as the local authority officers safety advisory group who and I suspect like me are thankful that the project is not now proceeding. I am sure it would have led to difficult and probably unpopular decisions that may have been necessary to provide a league-compliant stadium.

Finally, thanks to York Knights, UK Athletics and the local clubs together with the University of York. All of these appreciated our problems and throughout only wanted (like us) to ensure that ALL sports in York have the right and proper facilities to succeed and progress within a secure future.

So whats next? First we need to ensure that YCFC is on a sound financial footing, which means generating maximum income, if for no other reason than we have had to expend something in the order of 60,000 in respect of the withdrawn planning application. Reaching the stage we did has been expensive and may now appear as high abortive costs but believe me it was essential. Without the application there was a very high chance that we would not have been playing in the Football League today.

So, we have survived and secured the foreseeable future at Bootham Crescent and that is a magnificent achievement.

I know many fans are now waiting impatiently for news of alterations and improvement to the ground, but please remember they all cost money and, as Chris Brass knows, theres no spare cash just at the moment.

We are working on a list of projects that will be costed and prioritised but first we must deal with the regulatory requirements for the licensing of BC for future seasons.

And finally, how can you help? In due course I hope you will volunteer to paint, build or offer whatever skills you have, but in the meantime we need your support in other ways.

We need you to encourage friends, families, and work mates to come to the games, to help us increase attendances, as bigger crowds mean a bigger income and that means bigger budgets for Chris and for ground improvements.

Help the Trust in whatever way you can but particularly support its fund raising activities.
And today is Saturday! So it is time to get behind the team and show them your support.
Many thanks.

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