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A Minor Challenge
A Minor Challenge

Fundraising in support of York City

City fan Geoff Hughes is planning a week-long sponsored tour of 92 football club grounds (plus our friends at AFC Wimbledon) ending at Swansea for Citys last match of the season.
The added twist is that it will all be done (hopefully!) in his trusty 36 year old Morris Minor. And all instigated and organised by Geoff to help raise funds to support City.
Geoff will be looking for some assistance from others to help make this another successful City Fundraiser. More to follow in due course.

Message from Geoff himself (extract from Red & Blue)...
Thats right, Ive gone mad, and am going to drive my beat up old car 2500 miles in a week, taking in such scenic places as Boston, Carlisle, Milton Keynes, and That London on my way.

The plan is to set off from Bootham Crescent at 8am on the Monday morning, and reach Swansea in time for kick-off on the Saturday, as long as my flask of weak lemon drink holds out. Hopefully Ill be able to get all of the clubs to donate something to the Trust to raffle/auction off, like signed pennants, footballs, or maybe the odd striker for next season.

Anyway, I need some help from you lot.

First off, I need you to sponsor me, or Ill sit at home and sulk. I also need you to get your family, friends and work colleagues to sponsor me. Hopefully the forms will be available soon.

Secondly, Im looking for 3 places to stay during the week. 2 stops are close enough to Nottingham that I can stop at home, but 3 are many miles away, in deepest darkest England. The Monday night stop will be in the Stoke/Crewe area, the Wednesday night stop is in That London, and the Thursday night stop will be in the Bristol area. If anyone in these areas can put up 2 City fans overnight, it will be much appreciated.

Thirdly, I need a co-driver. Someone who is fearless, intrepid, can take a week off work, can drive, read a map, and be able to put up with me for a week. Ive got someone lined up for this, but just incase they pull out or leave the country, would anyone else be interested?

Thats about all I can tell you at the moment, but its something Im both looking forward to and dreading in equal measure, especially as Im playing in the Fans Match the day after the Swansea game. Look out for me, Ill be the one asleep in the back of the goal.


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