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Latest Tables for Teamselecta Competition

Please find below the latest Teamselecta Bulletin. Click on the links below for the latest tables.

Thanks again to Mike Grant for his excellent summary!


We’re well into the New Year now and I just have to say that this is the best possible start to the year because we’re staying at Bootham Crescent!

Now to the Manager of the Month.

Mark Grewer and Phil Raddall (1) tied in third place with 89 points, Bob Spedding clocked in two points ahead in second place, but the clear winner with 98 points is Paul Pickering.
Well done Paul, the 10 voucher for the club shop is on its way!

Top of the leader board looks like this:

In third place with 536 points is Eric Poole (B)
In second place with 540 points is Steve Hawkins.
In first place, but only with a lead of four points, is SJ Heels with 544 points.

The worst performing participants this month were the Maddie Wright with a mere 44 points (appalling, Maddie), but even that couldn’t plumb the depths that K. Stanford managed with his pathetic accumulation of 38 points.

Although we’re into a new year and the times they are a changing, there are several things we can all rely on.
1. The sun will rise in the morning.
2. The sun will set in the evening.
3. York City will stay at Bootham Crescent.
4. Saul Richman will be bottom of the table (Yes, he’s still there!)

I have, over the past few months, poked fun at Saul’s lack of football knowledge.

Now I regret mocking him because I have learned that Saul is suffering from a very serious affliction which totally explains that lack of knowledge.

Saul Richman is a Manchester United supporter! Need I say more?

He also suffers delusions of having been born in Stretford but as medical science has yet to prove the existence of a Manchester Untied supporter actually born in Manchester, a more likely explanation would be that he is a southern Yuppie in denial.

Saul, as it looks very likely that you will finish up with the booby prize, so we need the address of the Institution you have been committed to in order to make sure you receive it.

Finally, a word to our atrocious performer of this month, K. Stanford.
Saul has 386 points.
You are only six points ahead of him.
Can you imagine what is going to be written about you if you slip below him?

Mike Grant

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