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FANSMATCH-Fans raise over 10,000 to play at BC!
FANSMATCH-Fans raise over 10,000 to play at BC!

Away team auction raises over 7,000!

It's more than true, its proven (again!), York City fans truly are the best (if not slightly mad!)!

Budding footballers congregated at the Social Club last friday night to bid for a place to play in the 'away team' at the forthcoming Fansmatch on May 9th at Bootham Crescent.

Assisted by former player Steve Tutill & Trust member Graham Bradbury, Fansmatch Organiser Steve Ovenden got the auction of places underway and the first shirt out of the hat - number 9, was bought by Paul Worthington for over 500!

A good start!!! And it got even better!

Two shirts raised over 700 each! No shirt went for less than 400.

In total, all 11 shirts, plus 'Yorkie for the day' were auctioned and fans raised over 7,300 on the night.

The initial target of 10,000 Steve & co-organiser Kirsten Gillies set themselves has already been exceeded! The shock of this achievement was written all over Steve's face when, at the end of the evening, he announced the total amount raised - Steve truly was lost for words!

Congratulations to all those sucessful bidders. Those who lost out, don't forget there's still the raffle of the two number 13 shirts (home & away). Tickets are available from the club shop now.

For further information on the match, or to offer any assistance please contact Steve by emailing him at

The match will take place at Our Bootham Crescent home on Sunday 9th May.

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