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Chancellor to consider tax-position of Trusts

Gordon Brown proposes review of football finance

Writing in the latest issue of FSF News, the newsletter of the Football Supporters' Federation, Dave Boyle of Supporters' Direct acknowledged it was only a one line statement in Mr Brown's pre-Budget speech, but could still provide great encouragement to supporters' trusts.

Boyle wrote: "It sounds fairly innocuous, but could open up Trusts to being treated like charitiesand so be able to reclaim the tax paid on donations. In many respects, Trusts look and operate like charities. They are run by volunteers, spend a lot of time fundraising and the organisations are not-for-profit."

Boyle hopes that this change could see even more increase in supporter involvement in the running of football clubs, as Trusts would have more money available to invest. He said: "Previously supporters have nursed the game through its bad times without any long-term benefits; this time the fallout from the collapse of ITV Digital presents a real opportunity. If we can get it right, Gordon Brown's announcement could put fans in the box seat."

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