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City fan appeals for Revenue refund
City fan appeals for Revenue refund

Extract from YEP

Copied from Yorkshire Evening Press 21.01.04

YORK City Supporters Trust life member Rob McGill has asked Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown to consider granting the football club a tax refund.

In a letter to the government cabinet minister, McGill, the father of York City board members Jason and Sophie, has asked whether the Treasury can reconsider their decision to demand 100,000 in unpaid taxes from the Supporters Trust during its takeover of the football club last year.

And Ruth Barker, of the Inland Revenue, has replied to McGill, confirming that the Inland Revenue's treatment of Football Trusts is currently under reviewed by Mr Brown.

In his letter, McGill said: "I am a life member of the Supporters Trust involved in the survival of the historic York City Football Club. The club is now owned by its supporters but we continue to have a desperate need for funds to save the club from extinction.

"I note that you have just announced new help will be given to Supporters Trusts fighting to take over ailing football clubs. It would appear that the impetus for this initiative was the result of the Inland Revenue handling of the York City case which was considered by most neutral observers to be grossly unfair.

"Mainly through bucket collections, our supporters donated 100,000 to the Treasury to take the club out of administration to cover unpaid taxes incurred by the previous owners. I think we are a very special case and could I ask you to consider making a special exception and to consider a tax refund and to return at least part of the 100,000 to the football club.

"Despite any Inland Revenue rules and regulations I am sure that it is within your power to make such an exception. I am also sure that out local Members of Parliament will wholeheartedly support such positive and constructive action."

Replying on behalf of the Inland Revenue at the request of the Chancellor, Barker said: "The Chancellor announced in his Pre-Budget report on December 10 that the Government are going to consider how they can best help to support football supporters' trusts by carrying out a review of how they are treated by the Inland Revenue. Although I am unable to comment on individual cases, further detail on implications for trusts should be available once the review is complete.

"The review will consider how best it can help trusts fulfil their potential in promoting supporters' interests and helping clubs to remain viable."

In a second letter this week addressed to Barker, McGill said: "Thank you for your courtesy in responding to my letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer concerning the plight of York City Football Club. Your comments are appreciated.

"You will understand that our Supporters Trust will be awaiting the outcome of the review with concern and will be hopeful that there will be retrospective financial benefit to our football club as a special case as part of any agreed programme of Inland Revenue financial advantage to Football Supporters Trusts in general."

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