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Trust Board candidates election statements
Trust Board candidates election statements

Trust members can vote for up to 4 candidates - by 11th December

Election statements of the seven candidates for four Trust Board positions.
Trust members have until 11th December to return their ballot paper.

My name is Mike Grant, I am married with three children, am 54 years old and have lived in Stamford Bridge for the past 15 years.
My 18 year old son Neil and I are both season ticket holders to the David Longhurst stand.
I am Commercial Director of a construction group, a member of the Institute of Directors, and I believe that I can bring the benefits of my experience to the Trust Board.
The issues which the trust must address are as follows:
I believe that the only time to move away from Bootham Crescent is if a suitable, superior alternative is available and I do not believe Huntington Stadium meets those criteria.
The club must be run in a financially prudent manner and the Trust Board must ensure we get full value for money in all areas.
Communications are now improving from the poor state they were in several months ago, but there is still a way to go to reach a satisfactory level.
On the issue of shareholding, I firmly believe that the Trust should own 100% of the shares in the Football Club, and I would work towards achieving that aim in the future.

I have been a Supporter for 38 years, home and away and an active life member of the Trust.

Involved since the inaugural meeting in the Museum Gardens, I believe passionately in the idea of Supporters Trusts owning and running Football Clubs and have spoken at the launches of several other Supporters Trusts. I was involved in the meetings with the Administrators, the Council and other interested parties during our darkest hours and have involved myself in all of the Trust activities before and since the Trust gained control.

At York we have reclaimed the Football Club for the Supporters. My aim is simply to continue the hard work that has been embarked upon to ensure that we build upon the foundations already in place. Much work remains to be done to put the Club on a sound financial footing but I believe that the Trust Board has already made substantial progress.

Having been a co-opted member of that Board since inception I ask for your support to continue the work to ensure the continued survival of our Football Club and make sure that the Supporters have a say in how our Football Club is run in the future.

As a founder member of the Trust, I seek re-election to the Trust Board to continue to assist the implementation of major initiatives for the future success of York City.

My re-election to the Trust Board is a requirement to continue as a Director of the Football Club.

This is a period of consolidation for York City; in organisation, financial management, income generation, funding and negotiations for a permanent home. As part of the team, alongside my fellow Trust Board members and Football Club Directors, I contribute to all business decisions for the effective and successful management of the Club.

My main responsibilities are strengthening links with local schools, youth groups, local businesses, and key community organisations. Through my work with schools and our anti-racism activities , I aim to promote a true Community Club.

My involvement in the Trust and Clubs communications strategy has helped to secure our status as an outstanding example of fan power and successful ownership of a football club by its supporters. It is important our achievements remain high profile.

I have started and I seek the opportunity to continue.

The Trust board has done a superb job of saving the club, and now may be the time for an infusion of new blood, in order to help consolidate the good work.

My recent activity with the Friends of Bootham Crescent has convinced me that, whilst securing York Citys future at Bootham Crescent is the greatest challenge facing us. it is one we are capable of rising to meet.

I would like to see the Trust redoubling its efforts by continuing its constructive engagement with interested parties. as well as campaigning energetically to persuade those parties that justice would he served if they did all in their power to help York City stay at Bootham Crescent.

A lifelong York City fan, I joined the original Save City Working Group and have been an active member since the inception of the Trust. I have been involved in many projects that have raised substantial sums of money. These have included organising the Shed Seven concert, Legends Dinner, Auction and at present Fans Match.

You may know me as Yorkie the Lion and through that role I have taken the Club into the Community, visiting schools and local events. I believe more can be done in this area to attract the supporters of the future.

Having had many memorable times at Bootham Crescent, I fully support Friends of Bootham Crescent and share the desire to remain at our current home. I firmly believe we should make every effort to remain at Bootham Crescent.

We all share a common aim to give YCFC a viable future. If elected my priorities are to
- Explore every option to ensure the Club remain at Bootham Crescent.
- Make the Trust more appealing to those yet to join.
- Ensure openness and honesty by making myself available to all, to seek answers to members concerns with the Trust/Club boards.

Since chairing the inaugural Save City meeting in January 2002, Ive worked tirelessly to help ensure the whole package of actions and initiatives by the Supporters Trust has been an overall success. That has involved orchestrating the Trusts Strategy in relation to aspects such as communications, organisational structure, football industry relations and the Ground issue.

In the first quarter of 2003, I led the formulation and completion of the Trusts Rescue Package and the subsequent structuring of the Trusts new role as the owner of the Football Club.

I am very proud of what everyone has achieved over the past couple of years. I am determined to continue to contribute positively towards delivering a successful York City Football Club, for which success is measured by more than just results on the pitch. In my opinion, that requires the Club to continue to have its home at the Heart of the Community. If elected, I will continue to work to make things happen across the breadth of operations of the Trust and the Club.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank my Family for their support (and tolerance of too much York City) over the past couple of years.

Ive supported the Club for over 20 years, a season ticket holder for about 10 and attend all home and most away matches. When the Clubs financial problems arose I offered to help in any way I could. I felt that, with a background in accountancy, I could offer constructive financial advice to help the Club survive.

I was heavily involved in the takeover of the Club by the Trust. I helped with the Trusts business plan and prepared the financial forecasts and projections essential to securing granting of Football League status for the new Club.

During the takeover, I liased with the Football League and FA to ensure they were fully aware of how the Trust expected to put its plans into action.

On an ongoing basis, I oversee, from the Trust perspective, the Football Clubs monthly accounts and financial projections to ensure the same position can never arise again and have prepared the statutory Financial Accounts for both the Football Club and the Supporters Trust.

There are still hurdles to overcome for the future of the Club and it is essential that every effort is made to preserve the heritage of the Club in its present location.

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