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Team Selecta Update

And Septembers' Manager of the Month is...

We apologise for the delay in getting the first Manager of the Month (MOTM) Bulletin out to everyone - teething problems prevented us distributing this earlier. We have now overcome these problems and are pleased to announce that your first MOTM bulletin is below.

My thanks go to both Alan Harris, (for creating the complex spreadsheet that made this competition possible), and also to Mike Grant (Dynamo Kebab to Forum Regulars!) for his offer of help to write all the MOTM bulletins.

Finally, thanks to ALL of you who have entered this competition.

Good luck to all!

Kirsten Gillies
on behalf of the YCST Board


Team Selecta September 2003 Update

Written by Mike Grant

Sorry the September Manager of The Month announcement is so late, but deserving of a vote of thanks to Alan Harris for putting in all the effort and ensuring all the Macros work - previous to this I thought that a Macro was where you went to do shopping!
Anyway, well done Alan.

So, on to the important bit, who won the September Manager of the Month, and the prize of a 10 voucher to spend in the club shop.

In equal 4th, 5th and 6th place with 191 points were... Craig Meers,
T. Martyn Whiteside 2,
T. Martyn Whiteside 5 (you’re really
having a go at this aren’t you!)

Just one point ahead in 3rd with 192 points is Eric Poole 6 (looks like you’ve taken it seriously as well Eric!).

In 2nd, and just missing out on top spot, with 196 points is S.J. Heels.

So...who is the most knowledgeable manager of the month, the Alex Ferguson (sorry!) of Team Selecta?

With 197 points, in 1st place it’s...

Eric Poole 8

(That’s even more serious than Eric Poole 6!)

Well done Eric, enjoy spending your voucher.

Now, this newsletter wouldn’t be complete without some naming and shaming, so here are the bottom three.

Making a tremendous attempt at showing their footballing ignorance…in third bottom spot is Jim Dawes with 131 points.
Even worse in second bottom spot with 126 points is Chris Porter.
But who in the undisputed combined Terry Dolan, Mark Sertori and Colin Alcide this month?

With a paltry 125 points, it’s none other than David Knight! David, think black burning shame on yourself and try harder next month!


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