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City's amazing bucketeers

How the fans saved City

The small army of bucketeers were a regular sight at the gates of Bootham Crescent through the winter months and into early spring this year.

As shown in the Trusts Accounts released last week, the bucket rattling raised an amazing (and very vital) 60,000 towards funding the Trusts Rescue Package.

Ian Savage was one of the main organisers who helped mobilise the small army of volunteers.

Looking back he comments:

The first time we stood at the gates of the Crescent shaking buckets, I think people thought we were completely mad. Quite a few folk told us that we were wasting our time, because there was no way we'd ever save the club with a bit of loose change.

By March 2003, we'd raised over 60,000 in those buckets, and that would have been the difference between York City surviving as it did, or going out of business. I'm glad we didn't listen to the doubters! It wasn't the people who rattled the buckets who made the difference though, it was the true fans of York City and many other rival clubs too, all of whom threw in whatever they could week in, week out.

It sounds a bit bizarre to say it now, but at the time it was actually a very humbling experience; it certainly puts your faith back in human nature anyway.

Many of the volunteers came from the supporter groups Friends of Bootham Crescent and Harrogate Minstermen. Often they would miss the start and end of the Game to be on duty helping the cause. It was not just money that they raised, it was also the spirits of all those who were fighting to save our Club from extinction.

That has enabled a new Football Club to be born and the hard work continues to deliver the Community Vision from its Bootham Crescent home.

Its also worth remembering that the same bucketeers have also helped raise money for other causes, including the Cardiology Endowment Fund (in relation to Keith Walwyn) and for other trusts such as Notts County and Oldham Athletic.

Again, another big Thank You to all those who helped make it happen.

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