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The Fans' Stadium
The Fans' Stadium

City's Trust help AFC Wimbledon to own a new home

York City's Trust has contributed towards the efforts of AFC Wimbledon to help create The Fans Stadium. As part of a public share offer by AFCW PLC, City's Trust has acquired 1,000 shares to help the fans of AFC Wimbledon have their own stadium.

Trust spokesperson Kirsten Gillies commented:
As well as being part of the local community, York City has a leading role to play within the wider Football community. In our darkest hours the fans of AFC Wimbledon supported Yorks Trust. Now we have the opportunity to do something in return.

Citys Trust has acquired 1,000 shares for 600 in AFCW PLC, the Company that is completing the Kingsmeadow purchase. The Company has already raised an incredible 1.2 million from supporters through the share offer, which remains open until 2 January 2004.

As well as continuing to be the home ground for both Kingstonian FC and AFC Wimbledon, Kingsmeadow will become The Fans Stadium, a vision whereby it will act as the centre of a support network for the supporters of other clubs who face problems similar to those of Wimbledon FC.

Back in the 1990s, Wimbledon FCs Plough Lane ground was sold for development and the Club was left to ground share with Crystal Palace. Stripped of its main asset by the then owner, the Club was left exposed and the subsequent Norwegian owns have now relocated Wimbledon FC 70 miles northwards to Milton Keynes.

AFC Wimbledon was formed in 2002 and joined a level 8 league. In its first season an average home crowd of over 3,000 was greater than Division One Wimbledon FC. The efforts and achievements of the supporters of AFC Wimbledon have been widely acclaimed and in September 2002 The Dons Trust topped the Trust of the Season Awards, ahead of York City.

There have been a number of links between York City and AFC Wimbledon. Dave Boyle, from Supporters Direct and who also helped create AFC Wimbledon, provided assistance to the Working Party in the early part of 2002 to start the York City Supporters Trust. And in February 2002 a large group of Wimbledon fans travelled up from London to help support Citys Fans United Day.

In part, the support from AFC Wimbledon fans has come about because they can see certain parallels between what happened to their Plough Lane ground and what BCH have done with Bootham Crescent. In February 2003, with Citys Trust struggling to raise sufficient funding for the Rescue Package, The Dons Trust donated 500. In addition, during the fan-tastic weekend in February 2003, a bucket collection at Kingsmeadow generated over 3,000 for YCST. Thanks to the efforts of Football Fans around the Country and the World, that weekend in February Citys Trust managed to raise 60,000 in just 4 days to enable York City to survive a little longer whilst the Rescue Package could be completed.

More information about The Fans Stadium project can be obtained from the website at .

As required by the regulations for public offers of shares, AFCW PLC have produced a full Share Offer document (40+ pages). John East & Partners Limited are acting as Financial Adviser for AFCW PLC and the Company has assembled a team of Auditors & Reporting Accountants, Solicitors and Registrars and Receiving Agents to the Offer. The expenses of the Offer are estimated at 115,000 and are payable by the Company. The Company has also had a television advertising campaign to help promote the Share Offer.

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