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That was the Year that was...

Trust News (Christmas Eve edition)


The Supporters Trust is appealing to the people and businesses of York to help save the citys Football Club by pledging their financial support.

Were asking for people to back the Trust to help ensure a future for professional football in York. The Club is a community asset that must be saved.

With the clock ticking towards the possible extinction of York City Football Club in about four/five weeks time, the Trust has launched an attempt to raise substantial financial backing. The reality of the situation is that unless someone steps forward within the next few weeks with at least 1/2 million to put into the Club, York City Football Club will lose its Football League status and could disappear altogether.

The Supporters Trust is seeking to increase its funds with a view to supporting the future of professional football in York. That future could involve the Trust having some form of ownership stake in the Citys football club. The level of that ownership stake depends, in part, on whether or not other investors step forward to help support a future for professional sport in the City. The greater the amount of money that can be raised and pledged in support of the Trust, the greater leverage there will be to get more backing for the Club from other businesses and the greater influence the Supporters Trust can have in the future ownership and operation of the Club.

Unless someone steps forward with major funds to help support the future of professional sport in York, it will be left to the Supporters Trust to pick-up-the-pieces. Therefore, we have to look to raise our funds and pledges to the 1/2 million mark.

To that end, local businessman and lifelong City-fan John Mingay has volunteered the services of his company, FIND Business Finance, free of charge to co-ordinate all the pledge offers.

To make a pledge, please call John Mingay at FIND on 08700 111229, email , or send in writing to FIND Business Finance, Rowan House, Northminster Business Park, Northfield Lane, Poppleton, York, YO26 6QU. Details can also be found via the Supporters Trust website

Meanwhile, those people prepared to give money to the Trust straight away, or on a regular monthly basis, can do so via the organised bucket collections, via the Trusts website (Plastic Fantastic) or by writing to the Trust c/o Bootham Crescent.


The Supporters Trust has recently launched an online donation system in partnership with Triangle Multimedia and WorldPay. All monies pledged will go to the Supporters' Trust's fighting fund (less transaction charges of 4.5% for credit cards and 56p per debit card transaction).

Supporters can now pledge donations using both Credit and Debit cards via our web site. To make a donation please visit

Two donation options are currently available:
1. Regular donations - make weekly, monthly or annual donations. (NB: these can be cancelled at any time); or
2. Single donations - make a one-off donation.

At this difficult time, every penny don't delay....please make a donation today!


Supporters may be interested to read an article from Saturdays Independent by David Conn

The report highlights how money, that would help alleviate York Citys financial plight, has been siphoned-off elsewhere by the Clubs current owner and Chairman John Batchelor.

Supporters of York City Football Club will be dismayed about Batchelors reported actions over the past few months. We can expect to see more comment and revelations over the next few weeks about Batchelors behaviour.


For all those people who care about football in general, sport in York in particular, and the local community, these are frustrating and worrying times. The Supporters Trust sincerely hopes and continues to work to ensure - that this will not be the last Christmas for football professional football in York.

Obviously there will be a few more people through the Bootham Crescent turnstiles for the matches over Christmas/New Year. Whilst its great to see more people at the games, blaming the clubs financial crisis on only 3,000 people turning up each week is not correct. Going forward, York can have a sustainable professional football club at such levels of support. What is needed is common sense, such that the directors of the Club only allow it to spend as much as can be afforded. Reality football, not fantasy football.

The origins of the current troubles at Bootham Crescent can clearly be traced back to 1999. That was the year that BCH was formed as part of a corporate restructuring exercise to enable the Club to be secure in its activities. It also coincided with a clear change in the financial management of the Club, whereby, a Club that had previously been run along relatively prudent lines, suddenly began spending well beyond its means. The Clubs then directors who, of course, remain as directors and the majority shareholders of landlord BCH - created an unsustainable wage bill, far in excess of what the Club could afford such that cash reserves soon dwindled. In fact, the Clubs wages to turnover ratio of 180% in the 2000/01 season is amongst the worst ever in the history of UK football. Batchelor took over in April 2002, made a bad situation worse, and now, sadly, we are where we are.

The Supporters Trust continues to pursue its central aim, that is, to ensure that in the future the York community has a football club that it can be really proud of. Trust representatives have continued to work behind the scenes over recent weeks to help secure this aim.


The Supporters Trust would like to wish all fellow City supporters a Happy Christmas and New Year.

The York City Supporters Trust has now been in existence for almost eleven months. It has been a challenging time for all those involved in the work of the Trust, as well as for City fans in general.

The Supporters Trust would like to thank all those people who have provided support and assistance during 2002.

Let us hope that 2003 brings more hope for the future of our club York City Football Club.


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