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Trust's Solution to City Apathy

The Supporters' Trust is offering the solution to galvanise the City and making it want its Football Club

The reminder of the Trust's ongoing commitment and proposed new role within the Club follows the appeal by John Batchelor for help. Batchelor's appeal for help followed last Saturday's home defeat against Kidderminster. Batchelor claimed "Everyone wants a football club but no-one can be bothered to do anything about it. It's apathy." He went on to appeal "If someone wants to tell me the solution to galvanising this city and making it want its football club as much as I want it to work then I am happy to listen to anybody."

Graham Ibbetson, Chair of the Supporters' Trust, reminded everyone of the future role for the supporters and the community:
"The Supporters' Trust offers the Club not only the commitment and skills to develop and deliver a new strategy, but we are actually here representing the fans and the community. To be successful, a business needs to know its customers, understand their needs and work hard to earn their respect and loyalty. We want to help build a Club that the whole City can be proud of."

The huge success of the Save City Campaign over the past three months has been widely acclaimed. The Save City Campaign was 'kicked-off' by the Evening Press and has been lead by a team of approximately thirty fans with over 800 years experience of supporting York City. The campaign has energised many people in the City and has been widely acclaimed. The formation of the Supporters' Trust and the apparent lifting of the threat of extinction by the end of the current season was never going to be the end of the hard work and commitment. The principal aim of the Supporters' Trust is to help strengthen the bonds between the Club and the fans and community and this is one of the key requirements to help improve match attendance.

Batchelor has promised to deliver a fresh approach and a new culture by properly engaging the fans and the community. Not only has he given assurances that the Supporters' Trust will have ownership of 25.1% of the Club and the ground, but through the appointment of at least two representatives to the Club's Board of Directors, the fans and the community will also play an integral role in the future running of the Club.

Trust spokesperson Sophie McGill explained the current situation
"There have been various announcements over the past couple of weeks since John was appointed Chairman. We are seeking to clarify certain matters with the Club's Board. At the same time we want to help develop the new vision and strategy for the Club and thereafter implement it. We have the best interests of the Club, the fans and the community at our heart."

One of the matters to be clarified is the promise of representation through the Supporters' Trust for fans and the community on the Board of Directors of the Club. Last Saturday, the process to select the first two Supporters' Trust representatives to serve as directors was postponed by the fans' body. The Supporters' Trust have now written to the Club's Board and have requested a written invitation from the existing Board of Directors for the Supporters' Trust to put forward two representatives who will then be appointed as Directors of the Club. Trust representatives will be meeting Batchelor, and perhaps other Board members, again within the next ten days.

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